The new Juncker Commission – as it happened

Jean-Claude Juncker [Euranet Plus/Flickr]

Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission President-elect, will announce the distribution of portfolios within his team in Brussels today (10 September). Follow the development live on EURACTIV.

Today’s announcement marks the culmination of months of negotiations between Juncker and EU member states over the distribution of roles within the new EU executive.

If confirmed in a Parliament vote in October, the European Commission will take office on 1 November 2014.

The European Commission is the EU body responsible for proposing and enforcing legislation, implementing EU policies, and representing the EU in the world.

The Commission is elected every five years, and it is composed of 28 members informally called “Commissioners”. Every member country appoints one Commissioner. The Council nominates one of the 28 members to become the president of the team.

The European Parliament then has to approve the president-elect, and later on his new team.

Every Commissioner is responsible for an EU policy. The parliament organises hearings before voting whether to approve the whole Commission, to check if each one of them is fit for the job.

Once the parliament approves the new team, the Council of the EU instates the new Commission.


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