Cañete: “Neither me nor my direct family have any link to oil companies”

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In his confirmation hearing at the European Parliament in Brussels on Wednesday, Spanish Commissioner-designate for Climate Action and Energy Miguel Arias Cañete said he and his family are now “completely detached” from the oil sector, after he sold his shares in oil companies Ducar and Petrologis.

Cañete’s comments come after he faced a grilling by MEPs over his links to oil companies and last-minute changes in his statement of financial interests.

“All my professional and political activities are clearly reflected in it”. “I updated it yesterday (declaration of interests as MEP), as the circumstances contained in it have been modified due to the selling of shares from Petrologis and Ducar, as I announced some days ago. “Neither me nor my direct family have any link to any of these companies, in this sense I have gone even further than what’s requested by law”.

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