Doubts loom over new Commission start date

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Doubts loom over new Commission start date

But the European Parliament’s rejection of former Slovenian Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek as Energy Commissioner might delay the transfer of powers to Juncker.

“As we speak, I cannot say with certainty that the Juncker Commission will start to work on the 1st of November,” said Jean-Claude Juncker’s spokesperson Margaritas Schinas.

Instead of Bratušek, president-elect Jean-Claude Juncker chose a newcomer in politics – businesswoman Violeta Bulc. The pair held a meeting on Monday, described by Juncker as ‘excellent’.

If her candidacy is approved by the EU Council, MEPs will only have a few days to prepare Bulc’s hearing, and potentially any other changes that might arise.

The new Commission, as a whole, is due to be voted on in Strasbourg, on October 22. Juncker’s team seems positive the vote will go ahead.

“Juncker is in permanent contact with political leaders in parliament. He knows how to work with leaders to arrive at the broadly agreed solutions within the timetable that it’s imposed on us,” Schinas added.

President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker will announce which portfolio Bulc will get later on this afternoon, right after the European Council approves the new list of Commissioners-designate.



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