EU Parliament elects Juncker as Commission President

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He will lead Europe for the next five years. The European Parliament elected on Tuesday former Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker to be the next President of the European Commission.

With a clear majority of 422 votes in favour, center-right, center-left and liberal MEPs broadly endorsed EPP’s Juncker,

The 59 year-old delivered a passionate speech in which he vowed to revive Europe’s economy with a €300bn investment plan.

“I would not just be the Parliament’s server but don’t doubt for a second that I am determined to put an end to a commissioner function that you are no longer able to put your trust in. And, I am determined to ensure that I put forward a legislative proposal that reacts in your initiatives and your ideas”. Juncker said.

Juncker sought to reassure Germany and other north European countries that the EU’s rules on budget deficits and debt reduction would be maintained.

But in what appear to be an attempt to win support from the center-left side, Juncker said he will work towards implementing a minimum social wage in every EU member state.

“I would like explain why it is necessary that in all countries of the EU we set in place we set in place a minimum social wage, a minimum income, a guaranteed minimum income and we would be working in that direction.” Juncker added.

Juncker will take office on November 1st, replacing incumbent Jose Manuel Barroso.


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