Hollande: “Ukraine agreement is a ray of hope”

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“We reached an agreement; we could have failed. But the agreement does not guarantee an enduring success in the days to come. We must continue to be vigilant, to apply pressure and to continue the movement that has been started thanks to the initiative that the Chancellor and I have been able to launch.

“So now, the responsibility lies with the countries that signed the agreement and those that have been particularly active in the last few hours. This is a crucial moment, now that an agreement has been made. I think it is a ray of hope, at the very least, but equally it is a moment when the situation could go either way. The next hours will be decisive.

“But this European Council believes it is vitally important to continue exerting the necessary pressure and the indispensable vigilance to bring peace to Ukraine. But having got the process under way, I think we are on the right tracks. Thank you.”

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