Juncker to eurosceptics: I’m no federalist

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Designated European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has vowed to appoint a socialist as Economics Commissioner.

Juncker started a round of meetings with the European Parliament political groups on Tuesday, in a bid to secure backing for Europe’s top job.

Juncker’s promise alongside Martin Schulz’s re-election as President of the European Parliament are part of a grand coalition ‘backroom’ deal for Juncker to win the socialist votes.

“Speaking about the decision of the good news of having choosen a socialist commisioner for Economic and Financial Affairs and also about the good exchange with the president Juncker with whom he will have more flexibility to use the Stability Pact.” said Italian S&D MEP Giovanni Pittella.

Last month, EU leaders nominated the former Luxembourg prime minister as Commission President despite fierce opposition form the UK, where he is seen as an old federalist that will block EU reform.

Attempting to win support from the British conservatives in the Chamber, Juncker denied wanting a ‘United States of Europe’. But shortly after the hearing, the conservatives already said they will not back Juncker’s nomination.

“I’m explaining my case. I was explaining my real nature (following the meeting with ECR). They did ignore that as they are so believers on what British scandal press is writing.’ Juncker said.

Juncker needs at least 376 votes in next week’s election during the plenary session in Strasbourg.



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