Media4EU: EU strategy for independent and sustainable media

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Europe’s media are facing dual crises: economic and digital. Tackling the economic challenges is getting critical in many ways, and also in the EU’s self-interest. Just like for any other key EU sector, the Juncker Commission could indeed trigger sector-strategic thinking, while refraining from interference and/or bailing out the sector.

On January 29, Fondation EURACTIV successfully organised the #Media4EU event in the European Parliament, gathering 120+ policy-makers, stakeholders and media representatives to discuss an EU strategy for independent and sustainable media in Europe. This includes 6 Policy Principles along with 6 matching Practical EU Actions. These could be facilitated by establishing a High-Level Group now to advise on EU media policy during the current mandate.

Overall, the debate revealed strong support for an EU strategy for the media sector, and for innovative projects. At the same time, most actions should be decentralised, and the press corps should not compromise its independence.

This event built on the input given by a working group of journalists, publishers and other media experts under the aegis of the Association of European Journalists, chaired by Christophe Leclercq, Founder of Fondation EURACTIV.

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