Schulz: I want to become Commission vice-president

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Stepping down as President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz was elected on Wednesday group leader of the Socialists and Democrats in the Chamber.

But his new position could only last a month, as Germans are hoping Chancellor Angela Merkel will appoint Schulz as the next German Commissioner.

“I have this ambition to become Vice-President of the European Commission and will form a tandem with Jean-Claude Juncker and I have clearly underlined this as a possibility. I think that this is also the wish of Jean-Claude Juncker.” said S&D group President Martin Schulz.

EU leaders are meeting in Brussels next week to decide on their candidate for Commission President.

Despite having the support of Merkel, EPP Jean-Claude Juncker, whose party recently won the European elections, is facing fierce opposition from countries like the UK, the Netherlands or Sweden.

Parliament leaders warned that the Parliament is ready to veto any other candidates.

“The Council is very well advised to step forward with a decision on the position of the Commission President. You have to put those decisions in a context, the European Parliament will have its inaugural plenary on 1st July and we foresee to put on the agenda for the 15th of July the confirming vote on the basis of the decision by the Council for the next Commission President. This we can only do if the Council decides next week, therefore I believe that there will be a package deal that will be negotiated next week.” Schulz said.

First vice-president Gianni Pittella took over as acting president of the European Parliament until a new president has been elected during the first Parliament’s plenary session in July.



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