Tweets of the Week: A State of the Union special

This EU Tweets of the Week is a State of the Union special. We’ve got the hails and fails, wails and… sails?

The EU bubble Twitterati was in fevered anticipation, with every man and his dog creating State of the Union bullshit bingo cards.

Which made Assi Honkanen feel like a winner.

And our favourite was the Youth Forum one.

For some unfathomable reason, Juncker’s speech had a nautical theme this year, as he declared it was time to “throw off the bowlines and sail away from the harbour”. 

Spoken like a true Luxembourgean said Richard Williams: “A fine seafaring nation.”

And Jon Worth was impressed: Wow. One President! Spitzenkandidat. Transnational lists. This is pretty federalist.

Julia Reda was confused by Juncker’s cyber security strategy: “Three proposals, including intellectual property, Really? IP will protect us online?”

But staying with the nautical theme, Martini Seltzermayr‏ hailed the “Long-awaited shout out for fish fingers.”

Which kicked off the Great Fish Food Fight of 2017: Only Brits call fish sticks “fish fingers”.

Simon Taylor suggested “goujons”. 

But Anna Buchta said her French-speaking Belgian kids are sticking with fish sticks.

Half an hour in and not one word said Vasilia Dalianis.

The Parliament Magazine noted still no mention at the 45-minute mark

After an hour, he STILL hadn’t used the B word…

And Simon McKeagney‏ wondered if he was trolling by “concentrating on the important things”.

Finally, Juncker gets to the point, but as Danny Kemp reported, “Brexit is not everything because Brexit is not the future of Europe.”

In fact, European Parliament negotiator Guy Verhofstadt said that since Brexit, there has been a “reverse domino-effect. People don’t want to leave Europe, they want a reformed Europe”.

Nigel Farage said: “The EU have learned nothing from Brexit. Thank god we’re leaving.”

And ECR chair Syed Kamall responded to the State of the Union speech by calling for “more opportunities, not more regulations and agencies”

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Join me again for another whistle-stop round-up next Friday.

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