IST prize for smart card

A new type of smart card has won one of the three prestigious European IST prizes for innovation in the information technology field.

Swedish firm Cypak won the prize at a ceremony held in Brussels on 26 April with a PIN-on-card smart card which protects against theft even over the internet. The card has a built-in keypad into which the PIN number is entered using a reader connected to a computer. This eliminates the need to send card details via the internet.

The win highlights the growing importance of smart card technology, not only in the finance field but also in that of mobile phones, biometrics and secure entry to premises. At a recent dinner held by European organisation Eurosmart, Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding emphasised the need for increased research to come from both the private and the public sector for Europe to maintain its lead in this field. 

The Commission’s new ITC programme: ‘i-2010 – a European Information Society for growth and employment’ is due to be published in May.

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