Alexis Tsipras: New hope on the horizon

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Andreas C Chrysafis [Hellenic News of America]

The visit to Cyprus by the newly elected Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was an overwhelming success, one that offered hope that things are about to change for the better, writes Andreas Chrysafis.

Andreas Chrysafis is an author and writer on Greek current affairs.

He has not only given hope to the Hellenes across the world but also to all Europeans; a hope that has been trampled upon by bad EU policies. The EU will never be the same ever again.

He showed leadership, determination and spoke with clarity and people listened; the mass media listened; the world listened; EU citizens listened; our enemies listened and our own politicians turned speechless with respect for what he had to say. They saw that here was the young fresh face of a statesman in the making; one who dares to take the bull by the horns and make revolutionary changes in support of the people and economic growth, and not to be subjugated by a banking system and refused Troika’s oppressive austerity philosophy that brought social and economic chaos across Europe. This is what a revolution of the mind does!

Here was a leader who told the Troika and the Eurogroup – who act as the new undemocratic and unaccountable masters of nations – not to come back to Greece; he is the leader who put a stop to the selling the Piraeus Harbour to foreign interests on the cheap. Something that none of our own politicians dared to consider but especially our shallow finance minister and the current government who plan to sell the nations’ silver because they consider EU-Troika as a godsent gift to Cyprus.

Tsipras has also spoken of his government’s will to rebuild Greece within the EU family of nations, but also turned his back on the Troika’s/Germanic bankers’ economic colonisation that has brought misery for millions of Greeks and European citizens.

His charismatic presence and brains have gained the respect of most foreign governments but he has also gained the respect of the people of Cyprus who now hope that his leadership will also influence the leadership of Cyprus to change its bad policies; policies of stagnation without economic growth that brought misery to thousands of Cypriots, one in three of whom live in poverty. When a government refuses to decisively combat such a social stranglehold and hardship on its people, then they are not the government of the people for the people but a government driven by a bad political system.

We wish Alexis Tsipras and his government best of luck, and great success, because the people of Cyprus deserve strong support to regain their dignity as a free nation and face the enemies of the day – and there are many!

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