Is Europe ready for FinTech?

EU policymakers are devoting increased attention to Financial Technology (FinTech), reflective of the sector’s growing opportunities, investor and media profile.

The European Parliament will set out its position in an own-initiative report and the European Commission has created a taskforce on the digitalisation of financial services. These moves come against the backdrop to create Capital Markets Union (CMU), including the aim of boosting FinTech access to capital, and implement the upcoming Retail Financial Services Action Plan to exploit the potential of digitalisation.

EURACTIV invites you to a roundtable to address questions such as:

  • What is the economic potential for FinTech in Europe?
  • What challenges and opportunities does FinTech create for EU policymakers?
  • How can the EU support the emergence of new disruptors in financial services?
  • ‘E-identification’? ‘Big data’? How can top trends in FinTech better benefit customers?

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