Mid-market companies: The EU’s unsung heroes?

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Mid-market firms – those medium-sized businesses that are larger than most SMEs but smaller than the multi- national corporations that dominate Europe’s stock markets – are crucial to the EU economy.
Research into this segment in Germany, France, the UK and Italy has consistently showed that the mid-market makes up less than 2% of Europe’s companies but employs about one-third of workers and contributes one third of private sector GDP.

Despite their economic importance, the mid-market is often overlooked by policymakers, with strategies and action plans targeted at helping either SMEs or the very largest businesses.

As the new European Commissioners set out their agenda and new MEPs identify their priorities, the EURACTIV Institute invites you to a roundtable discussion to ask:

  • How should we ensure that mid-market firms are given appropriate recognition and support from EU policymakers?
  • What measures need to be taken to help the mid- market meet their key challenges of retaining skills, accessing finance for growth and exporting?
  • How can EU policymakers help replicate the success of the German Mittelstand for other member states’ medium-sized companies?

To learn more, read “The European Mid-Market – View from the Boardroom”, a publication by GE Capital Europe: http://www.gecapital.eu/en/docs/2014-european-mid-market-report.pdf

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