The EU and Corporate Responsibility: Setting the 2015-2019 agenda

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Hailed by some as a turning-point for non-financial reporting, the European Directive on Disclosure of Non-Financial and Diversity Information was approved last September. This will require around 6,000 firms to provide details on matters including environmental, societal, human-rights and governance issues.

The EU’s member states must transpose the directive into national law by December 2016. But what should be next for EU policy on corporate reporting, corporate responsibility and sustainability?

EURACTIV organised a stakeholder debate with the support of Aviva to explore the following questions:

  • Supply-chains; shareholder rights; tax transparency… where should the EU focus?
  • How can firms be best supported to report by the Sustainable Development Goals?
  • What does good non-financial reporting mean in practice?
  • What should be the EU’s next steps and priorities on corporate responsibility?

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