Crimea hosts international press visit

The Crimean peninsula [Wikimedia]

A dozen journalists from eight countries, including EU members Bulgaria and Greece, arrived yesterday (11 October) on a visit to Crimea, according to Russian media.

Guests from Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Greece, Kazakhstan, China, Turkey and Serbia will be in Crimea five days, the Russian agency TASS reported, citing the Ministry of Information Policy of the region.

They will learn about life on the peninsula, meet with local authorities, and will participate in the “Crimea in the contemporary international context” conference, the TASS report says.

Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea Dmitry Polonski said they will be able to form an opinion, “the opposite of what you write about Crimea in Western media.”

Russia annexed Crimea on 18 March 2014. The EU responded with sanctions, including targeted sanctions on the peninsula itself, which are being violated, according to reports.

How EU firms skirt sanctions to do business in Crimea

Products for sale in the Crimean stores of two European retailers are being shipped there from Russia via a ferry and port subject to EU sanctions, transportation employees said, indicating that companies are finding ways to dodge the punitive regime in place since 2014.

TASS made no mention of the names of journalists or media they represent.

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