Juncker: I watch Euronews all night long

At the end of the EU summit on Friday, 20 March, EURACTIV Senior Editor Georgi Gotev asked Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker if he was aware that Ukraine had banned Euronews, after a controversial businessman bought the Ukrainian service.

Juncker said that it was news to him, but he added that he is a big fan of Euronews, and that he watches the station in his Brussels hotel, where there are only five TV channels.

“So I have no choice, and I watch Euronews the whole night long. So I’m a specialist of Euronews,” he claimed.

Then Council President Donald Tusk was asked to comment about how realistic it is for British Prime Minister David Cameron to change the EU treaty.

Tusk said that he recently answered the same question by referencing the movie Mission Impossible, in order to describe the feasibility of the effort.

“In fact it’s not a joke. After this movie with Tom Cruise, Mission Impossible means a very difficult mission with happy ending.”

“If you remember”, he said, turning to Juncker, “Ethan Hunt was the name of the main character.”

Juncker shrugged and said: “I only have Euronews”.

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