MEPs call for sanctions against Ukraine

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In a debate in the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Wednesday, MEPs called for sanctions against the Ukrainian government.

“We have to prepare a number of target sanctions against the regime and against individual members of the regime. I think especially of three things: banning them from travelling to Europe, restricting their visas and also most important freezing their assets. I think the last sanction is the most important one, freezing their assets. And these 3 sanctions have naturally to go hand in hand with positive measure towards Ukraine: Visa-free regime for all ordinary Ukrainians for example.” ALDE Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt said.

EU enlargement commissioner Stefan Füle repeated statements that in the case of a positive scenario, the EU would be ready to extend assistance to Ukraine, based on a genuine commitment to political and economic reforms, in cooperation with the IMF and other international actors. He mentioned no figures.

“The EU stands ready to assists all sides in advancing such a political track, in case of a positive scenario we will be ready to extend our assistance based on genuine commitment to political and economical reforms in cooperation with the IMF and other international actors.” said EU Enlargement commissioner Stefan Füle.

Following the news that President Yanukovich failed to sign the AA at the Vilnius summit in November, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians took to the streets of Kiev demanding his resignation. The protests, called EuroMaidan, have lasted ever since.
Six people have been killed and hundreds have been injured in street battles between anti-government demonstrators and police which escalated sharply after the authorities toughened their response. The police officer who died on the street on Wednesday night took the death toll to seven.

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