Obama says Russia ‘miscalculated’ EU, US reaction over Ukraine

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In his first visit to Brussels since he took office in 2009, US President Barack Obama repeatedly stressed that the US and the EU remain ‘united’ against Russia, after Moscow took over the Crimean peninsula earlier this month.

Speaking at the end of the US-EU summit on Wednesday, Obama threatened Russian President Vladimir Putin with further ‘sanctions’ if Moscow does not change course, but he left diplomatic doors open.

“If anyone in the Russian leadership thought that the world wouldn’t care about their actions in Ukraine, or that they could drive a wedge between the EU and the US, they clearly miscalculated.” Obama said. “Russia stands alone”, he added.

Addressing concerns that Moscow could limit gas imports to the EU in retaliation against recent economic sanctions, Brussels is pressing Washington to find ways to reduce Europe’s energy dependency on Russia.

EU and US leaders are set to hold a meeting next week to discuss energy cooperation.






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