Comments on: EU must get serious about tackling Islamophobia EU news and policy debates across languages Mon, 10 Sep 2018 22:45:45 +0000 hourly 1 By: Johan Stavers Fri, 07 Sep 2018 23:14:11 +0000 The term islamophobia is invented as a tool to repress resistance to Islamization. Progressive liberals desire a future Islamic Europe, preferably also full of Africans instead of natives, for which they want low birthrates and miscegenation. They do not state it as such but they fight everybody who is against these things with moral outrage so you can deduce their goals logically.

By: yvan.biefnot Tue, 10 Jul 2018 18:57:22 +0000 Using the word Islamophobia is a nonsense, it does not serve the cause it intends to help.
Here is the explanation and a much approporiate term to denounce hatred agains Muslims.
Why we should stop using the the term “islamophobia” to describe the rejection of Muslims.

More and more one hears and sees the word islamophobia being used to describe the attitudes and the behaviour of rejection and even hatred of Muslims. Some people go as far as getting it used to describe racial behaviour, the equivalent of the term «antisemitsm » towards Jews. This would make it an offense punishable in the eyes of the law.

Somes say that this term was invented by Khomeny against the iranian women who rejected the wearing of the vail. Some others suggest an earlier origin for this term. Nowadays, it is the Muslim fundementalists who have adopted it to describe men and women who oppose their radical actions. By extension, it is also used by different persons who wish to counter threats against Muslims but who do not really worry about what is the real significance or this word.

This word should be banned. It responds in no way to the meaning that people want to attribute to it and this can only create confusion in people’s minds and in debates.
The etymologie of this word shows :
Islam = name of a religion
Phobia = fear
Islamophobia = fear of Islam.

What does fearing a religion mean?
Even if by making a huge effort of imagination one could fear a religion, this is not a case of racism or xenophobia.

The danger is that if one adopts this term one could easily, as is often the case, accuse someone of islamophobia with no other proof than the perception and the subjectivity of the accuser.

The term islamophobia has no sense. It must be eliminated from subjects dealing with Islam and replaced by clearer words such as « discrimination », « rejection » or « hatred ». These words have a specific meaning that everyone can understand and which are linked to provable behaviour. They can be taken into consideration by a court.

In this way we can intervene more effectively and help the Muslims oppose those who refuse them the right to be our brothers and sisters in humanity by the unacceptable pretexts of origin, culture or beliefs.
The following about the use of the word islamophobia is an extract from an article by professor Guy Haarscher* entitled :

« The freedom of expression, blasphemy and racist comments : a double perverse deplacement »
« …one leaves the religious domain and one enters the terrain of racist comments. If you mock the religion that my community practices ? You do this because you do not like us, you cannot stand us, we are causing you irrational fear (phobia), you hate us. In short you are racists. All you have to do is read the newspapaers to understand that this kind of language is common….
The danger lies there : in the corruption of our language, that of Human Rights, of tolerance and of anti-racism. And at the same time the fundamentalists and true racists prosper… »

*Guy Haarscher is a philosopher and emeritus professor of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the Université Libre de Bruxelles. He teaches at numerous foreign universities and high level institutions including Duke, Budapest, the Colleague of Bruges and at Venice for the EUIC.

By: Barry Mon, 09 Jul 2018 13:41:53 +0000 Islam a term used to cover all the Muslim religions. Phobia irrational fear of. Islamophobia irrational fear of Islam, how is an unqualified commissioner going to treat this condition without a medical qualification ?

Presumably anti Muslim hatred doesn’t mean hatred of anti Muslims, or does it? So far I have never seen any definition of what exactly a hate crime entails.

Given the atrocities of 9/11. 7/7. Lee Rigby et al. Why are Muslims not being accused of hate crime? One would have thought those murder could be taken as such.

By: Ngonyama Sat, 07 Jul 2018 14:11:32 +0000 Muslims have a problem:

Their prophet was a ISIS-guy. He told his followers to cut off the heads and the fingertips of the unbelievers.

By: Johan Stavers Sat, 07 Jul 2018 12:05:57 +0000 More specifically: ‘naziphobia’ because just like the Germans could ditch that ideology so can Arabs (and others) ditch their theology. There is nothing that inextricably bounds these people to their ‘faith’. Yet left wing liberal idiots treat it as such. They frequently call it ‘racism’ if attacks Sharia, Jihad, Mohammad or Takfiri induced Islamic in-group violence. Of course these ‘liberal’ (they are not really liberal) traitors are most often supported by their favorite minority: Muslims in making these false allegations.

By: Thinker Sat, 07 Jul 2018 04:52:30 +0000 By saying that in EU is islamofobia it is same to say that during world war 2 rest of the world had germanofobia. This is just a spin trying to cover real nature of islam and its intolerance to the people of antoher religions. Islam was never and will be never part of Europe and must be kicked out of Europe

By: Johan Stavers Fri, 06 Jul 2018 22:55:49 +0000 This CTID is nothing but Abdou Menebhi of course just another jihadi fighting for the spread of his faith. The ‘peaceful’ jihad is what they call this.

What a bunch of weak-minded fools in this commission to go along with this. They don’t understand that their ‘human rights’ are being instrumentalized as tools for the spread of Islam…which doesn’t give two shits about ‘human rights’…how can these people be so incredibly stupid?

By: Johan Stavers Fri, 06 Jul 2018 22:46:14 +0000 Let me stress this again:

‘slam forbids women from marrying non-Muslim men’


By: Johan Stavers Fri, 06 Jul 2018 22:44:05 +0000 This makes me mad as hell.
Muslims are not a race.
Every single Muslim can become a non-Muslim, just like every Nazi can repent.
Criticism of Islam is NOT ‘Islamophobia’!
IS,al qaeda, Boko Haram, Taliban,
…but then ‘anti-Islam hatred’ needs to get a ‘European Commission Coordinator’
Where is the Anti-Islam Coordinator?
Why doesn’t the EU fight Islam ‘in the name of human rights’?
Islam cuts the hands of thiefs
Islam puts women in veils
Islam throws gays of buildings
Islam forbids women from marrying non-Muslim men
Everybody knows of the atrocities of IS…AND Saudi-Arabia AND Iran..which just implement Sharia.
anti-racism today cleary means support of sharia
I can’t believe these lying traitors!

This undemocratic, anti-European ‘Coordinator’ alone is enough reason to blow up the EU.
These people do not have our best interest at heart.
They are traitors.