Hristov: ‘I’ve never had contact with Libertas’


Mincho Hristov, a Bulgarian MP who was listed as a member of the Libertas anti-Lisbon campaign group in an application to win pan-European party status, denied the affiliation in an interview with EURACTIV yesterday (4 February).

Mincho Hristov Kuminev, who describes himself as “anti-establishment”, arrived in the Bulgarian parliament in 2005 as a member of the nationalist party Ataka, but very soon left the group. He is now an independent MP, active in exposing corruption. 

To read a shortened version of this interview, please click here.

Mr. Hristov, your participation as co-founder of Libertas along with representatives of other six countries would allow the new political force to obtain EU statute and funding. What was your motivation? 

I will be very direct. I read such rubbish in the press yesterday and today, I cannot believe my eyes. Never, in any possible form you can imagine, have I applied to become a member of this party. 

How is this possible? How did they get your name? 

My only contact with one person, who I read is a member of this party, was with former MEP [from Denmark] Jens Peter Bonde. But the contact was on a completely different subject, we participated in a press conference [in Sofia] organised by [Bulgarian] NGOs over a corruption scheme to acquire forests in Bulgaria. By the way, I have an excellent impression of Mr. Bonde. I helped him participate in this press conference. But I never applied, or gave my consent, never signed anything, in the sense of the media reports. 

Did you attend this meeting in Dublin with some 80 international participants last November, also attended by Czech President Vaclav Klaus, which is believed to be the foundation of Libertas as an international force? 

No, no, I never set foot [there]. I don’t even accept their objective. Or rather, I am not informed what their objectives are, and I cannot be a member of a party the objectives of which are not clear to me. And if somebody has falsified my signature, I will ask for an inquiry. The whole thing is a lie. 

What are your political plans? 

I’m going to participate in the [European and Bulgarian parliamentary] elections with a Bulgarian political force. 

Which one? 

All I can say is that it is not represented in the present [Bulgarian] parliament. It will be established in the near future. 

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