Articles to democratise EU Constitution proposed

The Convention Praesidium has proposed a draft Title VI of the future Constitutional Treaty, dealing with the democratic legitimacy of the Union.


The aim of Title VI: The democratic life of the Union is to increase the democratic legitimacy and transparency of the institutions. This title consists of draft articles 33 to 37:

  • Article 33 establishes the principle by which citizens are equal before the Union's institutions;
  • Article 34 sets out the main elements of participatory democracy;
  • Article 35 describes the role of the European Ombudsman;
  • Article 35a describes the role of the political parties at European level;
  • Article 36 establishes the transparency of the work of the Union's institutions;
  • Article 36a is intended to create a single legal basis for personal data protection;
  • Article 37 defines the status of churches and non-confessional organisations.

In addition to that, the draft Constitutional Treaty, proposed by the Convention Praesidium defines the Union's values in Article 2, fundamental rights in Article 5, non-discrimination on grounds of nationality in Article 6 and citizenship of the Union in Article 7.

The European Citizen Action Service (ECAS), an NGO representing citizens, proposed its own articles to define citizens' rights in the future EU Constitution. Proposals put forward by ECAS include a definition of dual citizenship (national and European) and fundamental rights, a ban on any kind of discrimination, the right for citizens to move and reside freely anywhere within the territory of the Union and the right to vote and stand as a candidate in municipal and European elections.