Barroso must make further concessions to get approval


The European Parliament wants guarantees that it will have
the power to sack any commissioner that loses its confidence
during the mandate of the Barroso commission.

The new Barroso line-up looks set to be approved by
the European Parliament on 18 November, but at a price
that goes beyond the changes made since the failed attempt
to secure approval in October.

Under the seemingly innocent resolution wording
about a “review and update” of the
“framework agreement between the Commission and the
European Parliament which governs bilateral relations
between those two institutions” all the major
political groups in the EP are now turning the screws
on the already weakened Commission president.

The EP wants to make sure that
it will have power as regards the
removal of any commissioner that creates major
problems and then loses its confidence during the mandate.

In that case “the President of the Commission
will consider seriously whether he should request that
Member to resign. The President shall either require the
resignation of that Member or justify his refusal to do so
before Parliament,” the draft resolution reads.

This will take the previous interinstitutional
agreement one step further, and thus give the EP a muscle
similar to that of national parliaments. 



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