Barrot cleared by Parliament’s legal service

French Commissioner Jacques Barrot has been
given the green light by the European
Parliament’s legal service. The socialist group had
made their acceptance of Barrot conditional on its

The last remaining obstacle preventing the Barroso
Commission from properly starting its term of office is
now out of the way. That much is
clear after the European Parliament’s legal
service on 24 November stated that Barrot cannot be
blamed of any misconduct for not having disclosed a
conviction. In 2000 he had been given an amnesty by
the French authorities.   

European Parliament President Josep Borrell said:
“This opinion confirms that legally nothing can be
held against Mr Barrot”.

The ALDE liberal group had demanded consequences for
Barrot, whereas the socialist group had agreed
to drop the matter if Barrot was cleared by the
European Parliament’s legal service.



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