Brief – Juncker: “Economic growth is not an end in itself”

The new Lisbon strategy should preserve the “basic balance”
between competitiveness, social and environmental policies,
declared EU Council President Jean-Claude Juncker after a meeting
with key interest groups.

Luxembourg Prime Minister and EU Council President
Jean-Claude Juncker convened consecutive meetings on 10 February
with representatives of the European Round Table of Industrialists,
the Platform of European Social NGOs and the European Environmental

Juncker wanted to consult the three different organisations on
the mid-term review of the Lisbon strategy which Commission
President José Manuel Barroso proposes to focus chiefly on growth
and jobs.

“Economic growth is not an end unto itself,” Jean-Claude Juncker
declared after the meeting. “The Presidency has no intention
whatsoever of abandoning the social and environmental aspects of
the Lisbon Strategy.”

Juncker expressed confidence that this view “will certainly be
reflected in the conclusions of the European Council of 22 and 23
March 2005”.

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