Commissioners’ new voices

The Barroso Commission’s communication seems
to be firmly in the hands of women. The new head of the
spokespersons’ service, Françoise Le Bail, has two
other women as her deputy spokespersons.

In addition to the chief spokesperson and her two
deputies, half the renewed team of twenty
spokespersons are female. Half of those
attached to the new commissioners were
spokespersons under the Prodi Commission. 

The new head of spokespersons’ service,
the Frenchwoman Françoise Le Bail, replaces
the mainly English-speaking Finn Reijo
Kemppinen. She is a former director (Balkans,
the CIS, Mediterranean countries and South-East
Asia) of the Directorate General of Trade,
where she worked under Commissioner Lamy.

The spokespersons work under the Commission
president’s authority. In principle, they are
not supposed to be from the same country as their
commissioners. However, this rule is applied in a
flexible way with a transition period until the summer of

Better communication is one of the
priorities of the recently born Barroso Commission.
The new portfolio of institutional relations and
communication strategy is in the hands of Margot
Wallström, the ‘Commissioner for

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