Committee of the Regions demands seat in convention on future of the EU

The Committee of the Regions has requested that it be allowed to participate in the Convention on the future of the EU as a full member. The request came in the form of a resolution passed during its plenary session on 19-20 September. This convention will be held in 2002 in order to prepare the next reform of the European treaties and institutions.

The resolution underlines the importance of guaranteeing greater representativeness and greater proximity in the preparation of the next reform of the Treaties, by involving all political actors, including CoR representatives, NGOs and civil society.

The CoR declares that it is not satisfied with a role in the Civil Society Forum, which is to be held parallel to the Convention, and requests full membership of the Convention.

At the same time, the CoR calls for recognition of its institutional legitimacy and for a reassesment of its role as a representative of local and regional players. It points at its political legitimacy conferred by the Treaty of Nice (members hold an electoral mandate within a local authority, or are politically accountable to an elected assembly).


The CoR started to draw up its contribution to the debate on the future of the EU:

  • it demands a better delimitation of competencies between the EU and the Member States, regional and local authorities;
  • it asks to be granted powers that go beyond a purely consultative role;
  • it argued against the creation of a second chamber for the European Parliament comprising representatives of national parliaments;
  • it urged that any further institution be filled with representatives of local authorities;
  • it is in favour of the incorporation of the Charter of Fundamental Rights into the revised Treaty.


At its meeting of 5 July 2001, the CoR's Institutional Affairs Commission adopted a memorandum by Manfred Dammeyer, the President of the Institutional Affairs Commission, proposing a formal participation in the debate on the future reforms of the EU (seeEURACTIV, 11 July 2001).


On 26 October 2001, the CoR will contribute to the public debate on the future of the Union during a general assembly of local and regional authorities on preparations for the European Council at Laeken (Belgium).



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