#EUCO Summit Live: Migration, trade and Russia top the agenda

The European Council will meet on Thursday and Friday (20-21 October). [Shutterstock]

EU leaders gather in Brussels on Thursday and Friday (20-21 October) to discuss the still ongoing migration crisis and the EU-Canada trade deal, CETA. Follow our live feed for all the latest developments.

This will also be the first formal EU28 Council since Theresa May succeeded David Cameron as UK prime minister.

Relations with Russia are also going to be given particular focus, following a meeting of foreign affairs ministers on Monday (17 October).

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EU leaders will seek to strike migration deals with five African countries, similar to the one enacted with Turkey in March. Aid to these countries will be dependent on their efforts to curb illegal migration to the EU, rather than the EU’s traditional principles of human rights and the rule of law. Read the story here.


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In the interview, de Waele explains that Wallonia’s concerns about CETA had been raised a while ago, on 25 April 2016 to be precise. However, those concerns were largely ignored by the European Commission, which “did nothing to respond to them”, de Waele said.

Here’s the resolution adopted by the Walloon Parliament back then:

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For insights into Wallonia’s thinking on CETA, a must-read is the interview my colleague Georgi Gotev did with Jean-Michel de Waele, a political science professor at Brussels Free University (ULB).

De Waele was a colleague of Paul Magnette, the Minister-President of the Walloon region, who started his own career as a ULB teacher and quickly worked his way up to become director of the university’s Institute for European Studies (IEE). In short, the guy knows what he’s talking about…


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Good morning. Wallonia’s veto to the EU-Canada free-trade agreement (CETA) will dominate summit talks today. But the mood is quite downbeat. Here’s what you need to read:


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