Eurobarometer: 55 per cent of Europeans never heard of Convention

The awareness of European citizens regarding the Convention has increased, although 55 per cent have never even heard of it, according to a new opinion poll.

A new Eurobarometer survey, conducted for the European Commission by "Taylor Nelson Sofres/EOS Gallup", shows that 45 per cent of citizens of the enlarged EU have at least heard of the Convention, compared with only around 30 per cent in March. 55 per cent of the polled people said they had never heard of the Convention, and 52 per cent were unaware of what kind of text the Convention had come up with.

The survey also showed that 68 per cent of Europeans were in favour of a Constitution as a way of reforming the EU. 43 per cent said they would like the governments to at least partially amend the text proposed by the Convention. 9 per cent of people thought the draft Constitutional Treaty should be adopted unchanged, while 8 per cent wanted a radical reworking and 11 per cent thought the draft should be rejected.

40 per cent of those questioned thought there had to be a referendum on the draft Constitution, while 43 per cent thought a referendum useful but not essential, and 12 per cent were against a referendum.


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