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Live: EU begins to talk life after UK

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Live: EU begins to talk life after UK

The EU27 has met, informally, without the UK. It is likely to be the first of many such meetings.


The negotiations haven’t even started yet, with the now infamous Article 50 yet to be triggered by Theresa May’s government. Things are starting to take shape and the news will come thick and fast. Follow EurActiv’s live feed for all the latest developments and talking points.

  • 23 June United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union;
  • 24 June Prime Minister David Cameron announces intention to resign;
  • 13 July Theresa May officially takes over at 10 Downing Street;
  • 8 September May reportedly tells European Council President Donald Tusk that the UK will invoke Article 50 “by January or February”;
  • 16 September Informal meeting of EU27 held in Bratislava, without UK;
  • 2 October May says Article 50 will be triggered by the end of March 2017.
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The Brief: Nicola the Bruce

Robert the Bruce was a Scottish king. He is famous for two things, one of which involves a spider. The other involves thumping the English.

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Scottish minister: UK in post-Empire mode needs to find a new identity

Britain’s decision to invoke Article 50 by March 2017 has thrown the country into chaos, said Fiona Hyslop in an interview with EurActiv. “The UK has lost an empire and has not managed to decide who and what it is yet over the last few decades and needs a new identity.”

Samuel Morgan 13/10/201613:08

Brexit chaos puts Scottish independence back on the table

Scotland’s government will publish a draft bill for an independence referendum next week as a last resort if it cannot keep close EU ties when the UK leaves the bloc, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon warned today (13 October).

Samuel Morgan 13/10/201612:30

Comrade Corbyn and iPhone Socialism

Recently re-elected Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn still needs another 11 million votes to wrest 10 Downing Street away from the Tories. But his leftist radical policies do not gel with the ordinary voter attracted to UKIP or the Brexit Conservatives. Dr Melanie Sully asks whether Brexit chaos could afford him a golden opportunity.

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Gibraltar wants special arrangement in Brexit treaty

Although Article 50, launching the Brexit procedure, is yet to be triggered, Gibraltar has already embarked on an effort to convince the EU that the territory needs a special arrangement in the EU-UK divorce deal.

Samuel Morgan 13/10/201609:35

Mercosur to consider trade deal with United Kingdom

The EU and South America’s Mercosur bloc could strike a free trade deal within two years, according to Argentina’s Commerce Secretary Miguel Braun. After Brexit, Mercosur would be open to a separate trade deal with the UK.

Samuel Morgan 13/10/201609:35

Marmite taken off UK shelves as Brexit bites

British staple Marmite was taken off the virtual shelves at supermarket Tesco on Thursday, following a reported row with supplier Unilever over pricing after the pound plummeted on fears over the UK’s Brexit plans.

Samuel Morgan 13/10/201609:34

Brexit chaos puts Scottish independence back on the table

Scotland’s government will publish a draft bill for an independence referendum next week as a last resort if it cannot keep close EU ties when the UK leaves the bloc, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon warned today (13 October).

Samuel Morgan 12/10/201620:07

May to let MPs 'scrutinise' Brexit plan

British Prime Minister Theresa May signalled ahead of a House of Commons debate Wednesday (12 October) that she would let parliament scrutinise her plan for Brexit before she begins the formal process to exit the EU.

Samuel Morgan 12/10/201609:35

UK court challenge risks delaying Brexit

Britain’s government faces a court challenge tomorrow (13 October) that could delay Brexit as lawyers argue Prime Minister Theresa May cannot take the country out of the EU without a parliamentary vote.

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Norway says thanks but no thanks to UK’s offer to set up a formal task on a post-Brexit trade deal.

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Luxembourg's PM refuses to see European values 'erased with tipp-ex'

A lack of community spirit on the part of Europe’s leaders has stalled the European project, according to Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel. He called on the EU to take a hard stance against the UK. EurActiv France reports.

Samuel Morgan 11/10/201615:26

Spanish wine and meat sales to feel the pinch of Brexit

The United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the EU could have a “serious impact” on Spanish meat and wine exports, according to a report by Farm Europe. EurActiv Spain reports.

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Hard Brexiteers are making a colossal miscalculation

Hard Brexiteers seem to believe that it will be up to the EU to agree to tariff-free trade “because it is in their interests”, but they are making a colossal miscalculation, writes Michael Emerson.

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‘Lot of work to be done’ on Brexit says Danish PM after meeting May

Denmark’s prime minister has warned that the UK still has “quite a lot of work to be done” to figure out its Brexit negotiation position, after meeting with the British prime minister last night (10 October).

Samuel Morgan 10/10/201617:44

Samuel Morgan 10/10/201617:34

Confirmation from her Brexit minister about when Article 50 will be invoked.

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Samuel Morgan 10/10/201616:13

Denmark’s prime minister welcomed Theresa May today.

Samuel Morgan 10/10/201614:34

Samuel Morgan 10/10/201614:30

British MPs insist parliament must vote on 'hard' Brexit

A group of British politicians called today (10 October) for a parliamentary vote on the UK’s future relations with the EU, warning the option of a hard Brexit that has hit the pound would be a “grave danger”.

Samuel Morgan 10/10/201612:19

British brexiteers call the shots

Theresa May is giving in to pressure from militant “Leavers” in her party, writes Sir Michael Leigh.

Samuel Morgan 10/10/201612:02

Samuel Morgan 10/10/201610:40

Britain backtracks over listing foreign workers

The British government stepped back Sunday (9 October) from a plan to make employers list their foreign workers after an outcry from business groups and opposition politicians who said any proposal to “name and shame” employers would be divisive and discriminatory.

Samuel Morgan 07/10/201616:14

Ex-civil liberties lawyer is new shadow Brexit minister

A barrister who was the former head of the Crown Prosecution Service and a civil rights lawyer is the UK’s new shadow minister for Brexit.

Samuel Morgan 07/10/201615:35

Juncker rages against the UK and Hungary

The EU must be “unyielding” in the face of Britain’s demands on the terms for its divorce from the bloc, European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker said today (7 October). He also took aim at Hungary, following the Central European country’s recent referendum on migrant quotas.

Samuel Morgan 07/10/201612:17

European Parliament fight could cost UKIP MEPs €6,000 in lost expenses

Steven Woolfe and Mike Hookem, the two UKIP MEPs who yesterday (6 October) fought in the European Parliament, face suspension and a cut in their daily expenses, after an investigation was launched by European Parliament President Martin Schulz.

Samuel Morgan 07/10/201609:49

Pound hit by 'flash crash' in biggest fall since Brexit

The pound suffered a “flash crash” Friday morning, its biggest drop since Britain voted in June to leave the EU, with confused traders scrambling to understand the reason for the sharp sell-off.

Samuel Morgan 07/10/201609:48

The players are starting to put their game pieces on the great big Brexit chessboard.

Hollande argues for ‘firm’ stance on Brexit

French President François Hollande warned last night (6 October) against the continued “ambiguity” surrounding Britain’s EU membership, arguing in favour of tough Brexit negotiations with the UK.

Samuel Morgan 07/10/201609:47

EU should scrap 'no negotiation without notification' rhetoric

Theresa May has set a date for triggering Article 50, but the EU should now scrap its policy of no negotiation before notification because of the complexity and herculean nature of the task ahead, argues Mikkel Barslund.

Samuel Morgan 06/10/201615:54

More on the UKIP brawl that, allegedly, happened earlier today.

UKIP leadership frontrunner hospitalised after European Parliament fight

Steven Woolfe, the favourite to take over from Nigel Farage as leader of the UK Independence Party, was rushed to hospital today (6 October), after an alleged fight with fellow UKIP MEPs in the European Parliament.

Samuel Morgan 06/10/201614:44

Samuel Morgan 06/10/201614:43

UKIP, fresh from seeing its leader quit just 18 days into the job, has been rocked by another development today.

Samuel Morgan 06/10/201614:41

SNP highlights Brexit threats to Scottish cities

Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth, Aberdeen, Inverness and Dundee all face a myriad of different threats from Brexit, the  Scottish National Party (SNP) shadow minister for cities told an audience in Brussels this week.

Samuel Morgan 06/10/201614:38

The bold, the barmy and the mish-mash: Brexit after the party conferences

Mercifully, the party political conference season in Britain is over. We would not normally pay too much attention to the resolutions on EU policy passed by party rank and file delegates. But after Brexit it’s worth taking a closer look, writes Andrew Duff.

Samuel Morgan 05/10/201617:20

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The Brief: Commission must break abortion silence

Thousands of women went on strike this week in protest against new laws to ban abortion, which is still illegal in Malta. In Ireland, campaigners are calling for the repeal of laws that criminalise it and encourage dangerous backstreet abortions.

Samuel Morgan 05/10/201616:28

May reaffirms desire for controlled immigration, accused of nationalism

British Prime Minister Theresa May said today (5 October) she wants a Brexit deal which offers “maximum freedom” to operate in Europe’s single market, but again reiterated the need for immigration control. Her final speech also caused a backlash, with May being accused of indulging in nationalism.

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The Conservative Party Conference, cartoon via The Guardian,

Samuel Morgan 05/10/201611:53

Thoughts on this, EurActiv readers?

Samuel Morgan 05/10/201611:48

UK slips to 6th largest economy

According to the FT, the slump in sterling means that the UK has now slipped below France, from fifth to sixth, citing IMF figures. The UK needed to keep the pound at €1.153 or higher to protect its position, but its sharp decline has put paid to the country’s top 5 spot.

Samuel Morgan 05/10/201611:37

Farage has left the building….

Farage has come back into the building.

Following Diane James’ resignation, Nigel Farage has confirmed that he is to act as UKIP’s interim leader.

Samuel Morgan 05/10/201611:16

Confusion, as usual, reigns in UKIP land.

Samuel Morgan 05/10/201611:03

Spain steps up efforts to share control of Gibraltar after Brexit

Spain has submitted a proposal to the UN that would see it share sovereignty over Gibraltar with the UK, as the Iberian nation continues to put its card on the table regarding Brexit. EurActiv Spain reports.

Samuel Morgan 05/10/201611:00

Samuel Morgan 05/10/201609:44

More on the Diane James development.

New UKIP leader Diane James quits after 18 days

Outgoing UK Independence Party leader Diane James was at the helm for just 18 days before resigning yesterday (4 October) – following a leadership battle won with her reputation for tough professionalism.

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“Reform within the EU is necessary, but (to) dissolve the institutions is dangerous and short-sighted, as there is no way back.” John Kerry on the EU.

Kerry makes the case for a united Europe

US Secretary of State John Kerry made the case on Tuesday (4 October) for a stronger European Union after the Brexit vote, arguing in favour of a reformed EU and reinforced partnership between the United States and Europe in the face of growing populism and a more muscular Russia.

Samuel Morgan 04/10/201614:49

Samuel Morgan 04/10/201614:44

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Clegg: May making 'huge mistake' with hard Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May is making a “huge mistake” by heading for a hard Brexit — severing ties with the European single market, former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg told AFP on Tuesday (4 October).

Samuel Morgan 04/10/201613:53

Verhofstadt: Brexit immigration controls risk destroying single market and EU

The European Parliament’s chief Brexit negotiator today (4 October) warned that agreeing to British demands for access to the single market while introducing tougher immigration controls risked destroying the EU.

Samuel Morgan 04/10/201612:36

Samuel Morgan 04/10/201612:12

Brits turn to crowdfunding to prosecute Brexit 'liars'

A British man has launched a crowdfunding operation to prosecute the politicians that lied during the Brexit referendum campaign. While his chances of success may be small, he has no shortage of popular support. EurActiv’s partner La Tribune reports.

Samuel Morgan 04/10/201610:10

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“Will you sign my rather large cheque, Boris?”

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Council of Europe: Brexit campaign fuelled 'anti-foreigner' feeling in Britain

The Council of Europe voiced concern today (4 October) at a rise in racist violence in Britain in recent years, adding that campaigning for the Brexit referendum led to a further rise in “anti-foreigner sentiment”.

Samuel Morgan 04/10/201609:52

Stephen Clarke: 'Brexit validated British society's deep-seated prejudices'

100 days after the Brexit referendum, British writer Stephen Clarke spoke to EurActiv France about the campaign’s lies, the British press and France’s “opportunistic” political class.

Samuel Morgan 04/10/201609:52

Give Brits voluntary dual EU citizenship after Brexit

Despite the EU referendum result, many Brits remain proud Europeans and do not want to surrender the advantages of EU membership. Joe Williams argues that the EU should offer voluntary dual citizenship if the UK leaves the bloc.

Samuel Morgan 04/10/201609:51

Michael Gove, one of the Leave camp’s main figureheads, always uses Twitter to talk about the big issues. Last night he was full of praise for one of the BBC’s most high-brow TV comedies.

Samuel Morgan 03/10/201617:49

Samuel Morgan 03/10/201617:40

France wants its money back

France should halt its contribution to Britain’s European Union rebate, the right-wing opposition Republicans party said Monday, a day after London said it would start Brexit talks early next year.

France should start talks with Brussels to halt next year’s contribution to the rebate even though the process of leaving the EU could take up to two years, party spokesman Guillaume Peltier told reporters.

He was reacting to British Prime Minister Theresa May’s announcement on Sunday that Britain would trigger Brexit talks by the end of next March.

May “has announced with clarity and precision a timetable for the implementation of Brexit next spring,” he said.

“It seems to us essential that France start a procedure with Brussels saying that from the next budget, the cheque of €1.6 billion paid by France each year will not be paid from now on,” he added.

This sum, he explained, was what France paid to the European Union every year as part of its contribution to Britain’s EU rebate.

Margaret Thatcher, one of May’s predecessors as prime minister, negotiated the rebate in the 1980s. “I want my money back!” she declared in 1980, eventually winning the rebate, worth billions of pounds every year, four years later.

Reporting by AFP

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The Brief: Brexit timeline puts May at mercy of EU

The Sunday Times declared yesterday that UK Prime Minister Theresa May had fired the Brexit starting gun. This afternoon, the European Commission insisted she hadn’t.

Samuel Morgan 03/10/201617:21

Samuel Morgan 03/10/201616:25

Samuel Morgan 03/10/201616:09

A handy, albeit confusing, chart of what can be expected once Article 50 is triggered. Maybe.

Samuel Morgan 03/10/201615:01

Samuel Morgan 03/10/201614:48

Samuel Morgan 03/10/201614:38

Westminster pledges to cover lost funding

Britain will guarantee to cover any European Union funding secured ahead of the country’s exit from the bloc, finance minister Philip Hammond said today (3 October), extending an existing pledge to ease concerns that Brexit could hurt investment.

“The Treasury will offer a guarantee to bidders whose projects meet UK priorities and value for money criteria, that if they secure multi-year EU funding before we exit, we will guarantee those payments after Britain has left the EU,” he said in a speech to the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham.

Hammond had previously pledged to guarantee the funding for projects signed prior to this year’s Autumn Statement, due on 23 November. At that time, the commitment was worth around €5.1 billion in funding for agriculture, universities and some of the country’s regions.

Reporting by Reuters

Samuel Morgan 03/10/201614:32

Spain wants UK to foot healthcare bill for British citizens

The Spanish government intends to broker a deal with the United Kingdom under which the outgoing EU member would pay the healthcare costs of the British diaspora living in Spain. EurActiv Spain reports.

Samuel Morgan 03/10/201614:04

Commission reaction to Article 50 development

At the Commission’s daily briefing, chief spokesperson Margaritis Schinas said that “President Juncker spoke on the phone on Sunday with Prime Minister Theresa May and they will meet again at the margins of the October European council.

When it comes to Article 50 we will work constructively on the basis of notification, not on a speech.”

Schinas added that “Until this letter of notification arrives, there will be no negotiation. Once this letter arrives, we are prepared and ready to engage constructively and in good faith.

The Commission will not engage in running commentary and speculation on this or that. We wait for the letter of notification, and then we will engage.”

May had suggested that some “preparatory work” could be done to smooth process of negotiation. But the Commission wouldn’t be drawn on that. Schinas said May could elaborate on what that meant in October in the margins of the summit but stuck to the “no notification, no negotiation” line that the executive has persevered with since June.

Samuel Morgan 03/10/201612:03

Brexit vote gives EU real impetus for change

Europe needs to learn the true lesson of Brexit: that the Union’s foundations are weak, and radical reform is needed if European integration is to flourish, writes Lucas Bergkamp.

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Samuel Morgan 03/10/201611:09

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The UK’s post-Brexit trading future looks bright…

Samuel Morgan 03/10/201610:21

May says will trigger EU divorce by end of March

Prime Minister Theresa May said yesterday (4 October) she would trigger the process to leave the EU by the end of March, offering the first glimpse of a timetable for a divorce that will redefine Britain’s ties with its biggest trading partner.

Samuel Morgan 03/10/201610:21

As Theresa May tries to buy Tory peace Brexit politics heats up

Theresa May’s has spent nearly every waking moment since leaving university thinking about her Conservative Party to which she has devoted all her life, writes Denis MaShane.

Samuel Morgan 02/10/201611:02

Theresa May has said that she will trigger Article 50 by end of March 2017, thus formally starting the UK’s exit procedure from the EU. This will mean negotiations will have started before France’s important elections and also means the UK could have left the bloc by the time the 2019 European elections roll around.

Samuel Morgan 30/09/201617:12

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The Brief: Sometimes, the EU works!

Sometimes the European Union works. There, after two weeks of The Brief, we finally said it.

Samuel Morgan 30/09/201617:07

Hot exclusive from Matt Tempest

Blair would have been vetoed by Chirac for Commission President, aide admits

EXCLUSIVE/ Tony Blair’s dream of leaving Downing Street in the wake of the Iraq invasion to become EU Commission President would have been vetoed by Jacques Chirac, his top aide told Friday on (30 September).

Samuel Morgan 30/09/201616:58

It’s 100 days since the Brexit vote, doesn’t time fly? Here are some of EurActiv’s greatest hits from the past three-and-a-bit months

Preventing Brexit is still possible: Here’s how

The only realistic solution to avoid a UK exit from the European Union would be to go back to the British people after the conclusion of the UK-EU negotiations in 2019 and argue that they should have the final say on the deal, argues Fraser Cameron.

Barnier, battler of British bankers, is Commission’s new Brexit boss

Michel Barnier, the former financial services Commissioner with a testy relationship with the City of London, will lead the Brexit negotiations with the United Kingdom, the European Commission announced today (27 July).

Referendum on Irish reunification is a 'possibility' after Brexit

Enda Kenny, the Irish prime minister, said on Sunday (18 July) that Northern Ireland could vote to become part of a united Ireland if they want to stay in the European Union. But the topic is highly divisive.  EurActiv’s partner La Tribune reports.

Why the Remain camp is also to blame for Brexit

The Leave campaign won the EU referendum based on racist incitement, audacious lies and unrealistic promises it never intended to keep. Remain campaigners and voters have to acknowledge that they played a major role in enabling Brexit, writes Ragnar Weilandt.

Brexit must not cost Wales 'a single penny', warns First Minister

Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones insisted Friday (24 June) that Cardiff be fully involved with the negotiations to come, and that the Principality should “not lose a penny”.

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Samuel Morgan 30/09/201616:41

Samuel Morgan 30/09/201616:38

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Samuel Morgan 30/09/201616:13

Crafting a way forward for the European Union

The decision of Britain to leave the EU has put the European idea to the test. Now is the time to openly discuss the state of our union and the way forward, writes Petros Fassoulas.

Samuel Morgan 30/09/201610:16

UK ‘consistently waters down’ reforms of EU farming subsidies

The UK government could have stopped wealthy landowners including aristocrats and a Saudi racehorse owner receiving hundreds of thousands of pounds from the EU’s common agricultural policy, the European commission has said.

Samuel Morgan 30/09/201610:16

May faces party conference as clock ticks on Article 50

Theresa May faces her first Conservative party conference as leader and prime minister this weekend, as the clock ticks for the UK to trigger ‘Article 50’ beginning its two-year EU exit negotiations.

Samuel Morgan 29/09/201617:01

Foreign companies set to hold Westminster to ransom?

Nissan wants a UK deal offering compensation for any eventual trade costs resulting from Britain’s exit from the European Union before committing to more investment in its Sunderland plant, Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn said on Thursday.

The carmaker is due to make a decision early next year on where to build the next Qashqai SUV – long before the terms of Brexit are likely to be known.

“If I need to make an investment in the next few months and I can’t wait until the end of Brexit, then I have to make a deal with the UK government,” Ghosn told reporters at the Paris auto show.

“If there are tax barriers being established on cars, you have to have a commitment for carmakers who export to Europe that there is some kind of compensation,” he said.

Reporting by Reuters

Samuel Morgan 29/09/201616:57

Samuel Morgan 29/09/201616:55

Samuel Morgan 29/09/201616:54

Michel Barnier, the Commission’s Brexit point man, has gotten to work early…

Barnier, battler of British bankers, is Commission’s new Brexit boss

Michel Barnier, the former financial services Commissioner with a testy relationship with the City of London, will lead the Brexit negotiations with the United Kingdom, the European Commission announced today (27 July).

Samuel Morgan 29/09/201615:53

Brexit: First and foremost a WTO issue

Brexit will have far-reaching ramifications for global trade. The WTO needs to step in and analyse how different kinds of trade agreements will be affected and how to avoid unnecessary damage, writes Daniel Guéguen.

Samuel Morgan 29/09/201614:26

Samuel Morgan 29/09/201614:05

Renzi warns UK over post-Brexit EU rights

Britain must not expect to end up with more rights than other countries outside the EU following Brexit negotiations, Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi warned in an interview Thursday (29 September).

Samuel Morgan 29/09/201613:32

French financial regulators throw open their arms to the victims of Brexit

France will accelerate and simplify the registration of financial companies looking to leave the City of London ahead of the UK’s exit from the EU, the country’s regulators announced on Wednesday (28 September). EurActiv’s partner La Tribune reports.

Samuel Morgan 29/09/201612:43

Apple, which was recently hit with a multi-billion euro fine by the European Commission, haven’t been put off by the Brexit vote.

Samuel Morgan 29/09/201612:42

Samuel Morgan 29/09/201612:12

Welsh whisky wades into precarious Brexit world

EU rules are set to allow Wales to call itself a whisky producing nation, as the country prepares for the opening of its second distillery. But it is venturing into an industry that faces immense uncertainty because of the Brexit vote.

Samuel Morgan 29/09/201610:41

Britain's Corbyn rejects call for EU immigration curbs at party conference

British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn wrapped up his party’s annual conference yesterday (28 September) with a call to rebels to end the “trench warfare” that has raged since Britain’s vote to leave the European Union.

Samuel Morgan 29/09/201610:41

Europe without the EU: Fast forward into the 19th century

How would Europe work without the EU? Looked at in the cold light of geopolitics, nobody in the EU should have an interest in a 19th century world, argues Michael Meyer-Resende.

Samuel Morgan 29/09/201610:41

'Silence is not a strategy' think tank warns on Brexit

Britain needs to begin explaining its Brexit strategy to avoid prolonged uncertainty for businesses and negotiating partners, a London-based think tank said today (29 September), warning that internal squabbling risked undermining the government’s position.

Samuel Morgan 28/09/201615:05

Motorbike-riding, tie-foregoing Yanis Varoufakis, Greece’s former finance minister has provided some detailed analysis of the Brexit issue.

Samuel Morgan 28/09/201611:56

This, in addition to claiming to support Turkey’s bid for EU membership, have left many people scratching their heads…

Samuel Morgan 28/09/201611:54

Energy and climate change all-important to new EU

As the debate over priorities for EU reform post-Brexit ramps up, misguided attempts to avoid political tensions are undermining popular and necessary action on energy and climate change, writes Nick Mabey.

Samuel Morgan 27/09/201615:05

Labour’s 'Red UKIP' MPs add to confusion on party’s line on Europe

Labour could be at the forefront of exposing these inconsistencies and incoherence of Brexit. But first, the party has to overcome its own confusion and mixed messages, writes Denis MacShane.

Samuel Morgan 27/09/201612:53

Defence minister: Britain 'will oppose any idea of an EU army'

The UK will oppose all EU plans for increased military cooperation that could interfere with NATO, despite being about to leave the union, Defence Minister Michael Fallon said Tuesday (27 September).

Samuel Morgan 26/09/201615:23

More than 25% of UK aid budget will be spent by other ministries by 2020

More than a quarter of UK overseas aid will be spent by ministries other than the Department for International Development (DfiD) by 2019/20 – according to figures that have sparked renewed concern about changes to Britain’s aid policy.

Samuel Morgan 26/09/201613:15

Preventing Brexit is still possible: Here’s how

The only realistic solution to avoid a UK exit from the European Union would be to go back to the British people after the conclusion of the UK-EU negotiations in 2019 and argue that they should have the final say on the deal, argues Fraser Cameron.

Samuel Morgan 26/09/201611:49

Julian King, the UK’s new Commissioner, is up and running it seems; he even has the obligatory “EU” Twitter handle

Samuel Morgan 26/09/201610:24

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Samuel Morgan 26/09/201610:18

Samuel Morgan 26/09/201610:18

Samuel Morgan 26/09/201610:17

Samuel Morgan 26/09/201609:19

Source: New post-Brexit EU summit on 3 February in Malta

European Union leaders will meet in Malta in February to help prepare for a summit the following month in Rome aimed at revitalising a bloc without Britain, an EU source said today (23 September).

Samuel Morgan 26/09/201609:18

Divided UK Labour struggles with Brexit, despite Corbyn's re-election

Distracted by a bitter leadership contest, Britain’s main opposition Labour party has struggled to present a vision of Brexit to challenge the ruling Conservatives – and many fear the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn will do little to change this.

Samuel Morgan 23/09/201615:18

Commission calm in face of UK government's conflicting Brexit messages

The European Commission insisted Friday (23 September) it was patiently waiting for the UK government to trigger Article 50, in the face of a spate of mixed messages coming out of London about the shape of a Brexit deal, or even its own objectives.

Samuel Morgan 23/09/201615:15

Samuel Morgan 23/09/201614:59

Schulz also pinpointed the EU’s 2019 elections as an important reason why Article 50 should be triggered soon.

Samuel Morgan 23/09/201614:58

Speaking at the London School of Economics, Martin Schulz has clearly indicated that access to the Single Market and the four principles of the EU are inextricable.

Samuel Morgan 23/09/201614:56

Speaking at the London School of Economics, Martin Schulz has clearly indicated that access to the Single Market and the four principles of the EU are inextricable.

Samuel Morgan 23/09/201614:52

Samuel Morgan 23/09/201611:10

Schulz in London

Martin Schulz, head of the European Parliament, met with UK Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday. The EP president, after an hour-long meeting with May, said he hoped that the Brexit talks would be “constructive” and said that he understood the new prime minister’s “point of view”.

In a joint presser afterwards, Schulz said his visit was intended to prepare the ground for “close cooperation” between Westminster and the Parliament, but warned that it would not be “simple” because of the wide variety of views the EP is responsible for representing.

Brussels or Berlin? Schulz tight-lipped on possible tilt at chancellor

At an event in Berlin ahead of meeting British Prime Minister Theresa May, European Parliament President Martin Schulz was careful not to reveal too much about his future career plans. EurActiv’s partner Der Tagesspiegel reports.

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David Cameron, the man who led the UK towards the EU exit by calling the referendum, may have his former seat taken by a man with a famous sibling…

Bernie Sanders' brother to run for Cameron's old seat

The brother of Bernie Sanders, the defeated US democratic presidential candidate, is standing for election in the seat of former British prime minister David Cameron.

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UK may not need two years to get EU divorce deal, Boris Johnson says

Britain expects to start the divorce procedure to leave the European Union early next year and may not need two years to negotiate a deal, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said yesterday (22 September).

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London Calling

European Parliament President Martin Schulz is in London today to meet with Theresa May, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and new London Mayor Sadiq Khan. Stay tuned for reactions.

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Boris Johnson joins Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern for a run in Central Park, New York yesterday. The new UK foreign minister appears to have forgotten his running kit though…

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5,500 UK-based finance firms could lose EU 'passporting' rights

The ‘passport’ rights allowing 5,500 British-based financial firms to operate freely across the European single market are at stake in the fallout from Brexit, posing a ‘significant’ risk to the finance sector, the country’s financial watchdog has revealed.

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Via @p_hansens

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It isn’t just the UK that are wrangling with the EU about free movement of people…

Switzerland: London watches EU talks on migration closely

Switzerland’s future agreement on free movement with the EU, depending on the form it takes, could offer the United Kingdom a precedent to lean on in its own Brexit negotiations, writes Strafor.

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Welsh power station falls foul of EU rules

A coal-fired power plant in Wales has provoked the ire of the European Court of Justice, leading the Luxembourg court to rule against the UK for failing to respect EU limits on nitrogen oxide emissions.

Judges ruled today in favour of the European Commission and against the UK, bring to an end a trend of judgements, notably on the rights of foreign workers or job seekers, that allayed British concerns over migration in the lead-up to the Brexit vote.

The court ordered the UK to pay the Commission’s legal costs and it can now expect to face a fine from the European executive.

Member states were required to reduce emissions from large combustion plants by the start of 2008. The Aberthaw plant, near Cardiff, has been operating at a nitrogen oxide emission limit of 1,200 mg/NM3 against an EU limit of 500 mg/NM3.

The Commission launched an inquiry in May 2012 and took Britain to the European court in March 2015.

Britain argued unsuccessfully that the plant should, under the EU’s own rules, have been allowed to emit a greater amount of nitrogen oxide based on the type of coal the plant used.

Reporting by Reuters

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Germany wants YOU

The German Greens party wants to make it easier for British citizens to get a German passport once the UK has left the EU. Their proposal is set to go before the Bundestag tomorrow.

The proposal would see the German regions allowed to naturalise British citizens before the normal six-year minimum limit, if all other criteria are satisfied. UK citizens gaining German citizenship would be permitted to maintain their British nationality.

Reporting by AFP, translated by Sam Morgan

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In maiden UN speech, May says UK not turning away from the world

British Prime Minister Theresa May told leaders yesterday (20 September) that her country will not turn away from the world after the shock vote to leave the European Union, seeking to allay fears over the future unity of the West.

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As the UK inches closer to the EU exit, another European country shuffles slowly towards the front door.

EU accepts Bosnia and Herzegovina’s membership application

The European Union’s 28 member states yesterday (20 September) accepted Bosnia and Herzegovina’s membership application and ordered the Commission to prepare an assessment of the Balkan country’s readiness to join the bloc.

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Disclaimer: heavy satirical content

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Always outspoken boss of Ryanair has his say on post-Brexit trade prospects.

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May goes cap-in-hand to New York

British Prime Minister Theresa May met business heads from firms including Goldman Sachs, IBM and yesterday (19 September) in hopes of reassuring investors after the UK voted to leave the EU.

The June 23 vote took many investors and chief executives by surprise, triggering the deepest political and financial turmoil in Britain since World War Two and the biggest ever one-day fall in sterling against the dollar.

“Every working day in the United Kingdom one million people wake up and go to work for an American company. And every day in the United States one million people wake up and go to work for a UK company,” May, who was in New York to attend a un summit, told the business leaders.

May and her ministers admit they need to reassure investors from the United States, Japan, China and India that the United Kingdom and London, the only financial capital to rival New York, are still good places to make money.

The United States is the largest single inward investor into Britain, which currently attracts far more foreign direct investment than any other EU member.

When asked what they wanted to hear from May, one business leader at the meeting who asked not to be named said: “Reassurance.”

Reporting by Reuters

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If you’re enjoying our live coverage of everything and anything Brexit-related, we’re sure you’ll enjoy The Brief. Launched yesterday, it’s EurActiv’s new irreverent round-up of the day’s events in Brussels and beyond. Follow the link below, hit subscribe and enjoy a humorous and always informative summary of everything important, on the bus home, in the airport departure lounge or wherever. You won’t regret it.

EurActiv launches The Brief has today launched The Brief, a straight-talking, sassy evening newsletter, brimming with incisive insight and commentary.

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Brexit means Brexit

Senior members of Britain’s ruling Conservative Party are supporting a new group to lobby for a so-called ‘hard Brexit’ and persuade Prime Minister Theresa May to leave the EU’s lucrative single market.

The new group, called Leave means Leave, will press for Britain to break all ties with the EU, with property investor Richard Tice in charge.

Quoted by the Sunday Telegraph newspaper, Tice said “no deal is better than a bad deal” – or that Britain should pull out of the single market even if no alternative trade deal had been struck with the EU. It said he had the backing of a former justice minister, Dominic Raab, and other leading Conservatives.

Since Britain voted to leave the EU, groups that campaigned on either side of the referendum have morphed into lobbying organisations, pushing for either a ‘soft Brexit’ that sees Britain keeping its close ties with the EU or backing a tougher version.

Reporting by Reuters

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Austria left disappointed by Bratislava

The 27 member states that attended the Bratislava summit all had different priorities. Austria seems to have left Slovakia without any real movement on any of theirs, as little has changed regarding Turkey’s membership bid and CETA. EurActiv Germany reports.

One of the most interesting aspects of the summit was the changing political axes at …

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More on the Brexit-passporting development.

UK banks to lose EU 'passport' post-Brexit, warns ECB boss

Financial institutions based in Britain will lose so-called passporting rights allowing them to operate across the European Union unless post-Brexit Britain is at least part of the European Economic Area, ECB policymaker Jens Weidmann has said.

Samuel Morgan 19/09/201611:20

‘Flexible solidarity’ becomes new tool in response to refugee crisis

The Bratislava summit marks a turning point in the evolution of the EU’s response to the migration crisis, as Germany and other Western nations appeared to accept the Visegrad Group’s alternative to relocation and migrant quotas, called “flexible solidarity”.

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As expected, freedom of movement is shaping up to be the main sticking point of the yet-to-even-start Brexit negotiations.

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Nigel Farage’s successor there…

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Frustrated Renzi attacks EU and Merkel after 'boat trip' Bratislava summit

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi stepped up his attacks against other European Union leaders yesterday (18 September) after an EU summit in Bratislava which he said amounted to no more than “a nice cruise on the Danube.”

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Robert Fico, who hosted the Bratislava summit, has waded into the Russia-Ukraine mess.

Fico: Ukraine doing 'even less than Russia' to meet Minsk agreement

Ukraine is doing less than Russia to meet its obligations under the Minsk peace plan, Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico said on Saturday (17 September), stepping up calls for the European Union to end sanctions against Moscow.

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Schulz in UK

European Parliament President Martin Schulz will meet UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan on Thursday (22 September) in London. The day after, Schulz will meet Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn and deliver a speech on “The EU and Britain – parting ways but working together” at the London School of Economics.

Schulz: Will he stay or will he go?

Martin Schulz is supposed to give up the European Parliament presidency in January, under an agreement brokered between the two biggest political groups. But a change of plans is afoot. EurActiv Germany reports.

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Farage hands post-Brexit UKIP leadership to Diane James

Britain’s populist right-wing UKIP party on Friday (16 September) had its first female leader, as Diane James was elected to replace Nigel Farage.

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Arguably the biggest development to come out of the summit.

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By @vagpapavasiliou

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In an op-ed exclusively written for, the German Development Institute urged the leaders gathering in Bratislava to do more than just use it for a glorified photo-op…

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Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat on the summit so far.

Samuel Morgan 16/09/201615:30

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ comments on arriving at the summit.

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It isn’t easy being a journalist.

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Schulz admits mandatory relocation of refugees has failed

Speaking to journalists at the start of the Bratislava summit today (16 September), Parliament President Martin Schulz admitted that the system of relocating refugees based on mandatory quotas isn’t working, and that the Visegrad group is expected to table an alternative proposal.

Samuel Morgan 16/09/201611:41

EU law expert: Throwing Hungary out would 'fan the flames of populism'

Hungary has courted controversy over the last few months and has been accused of ignoring European principles and undermining the rule of law. Walther Michl explained to what extent Budapest should fear repercussions from Brussels, in an interview with EurActiv Germany.

Samuel Morgan 16/09/201611:40

Hollande says France 'cannot be alone' on EU defence

France can take the lead in European defence cooperation, but cannot do it all on its own, French President Francois Hollande said Friday (16 September) as EU leaders held crunch post-Brexit talks.

Samuel Morgan 16/09/201609:13

Statement by Friends of the Earth Europe and other environmental organisations

Nine of the largest environmental organisations in Europe have called on EU leaders meeting in Bratislava to set the bloc on a path that answers the needs and aspirations of European citizens. Instead of focusing on promoting globalisation, the EU should direct its efforts towards managing its impacts on the planet and ensuring that all citizens can live a good and healthy life, well within the planetary boundaries, according to the organisations.

Friends of the Earth Europe Director Magda Stoczkiewicz, on behalf of the organisations, said: “It is time for the EU to lead an agenda of transformational change that puts the health and interests of people and the planet first. This should be guided by the global 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris climate deal.”

This week’s State of the Union speech by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker set a disappointing tone, praising CETA, the proposed EU-Canada trade deal, and placing no emphasis on the environment or sustainability.

Matthew Tempest 16/09/201608:50

Matthew Tempest 16/09/201608:50

Matthew Tempest 16/09/201608:49

Matthew Tempest 16/09/201608:48

Divided EU seeks unity after Brexit at Bratislava summit

EU leaders meet without Britain in Bratislava on Friday (16 September) to chart their post-Brexit future, focusing on defence cooperation and border security in a bid to heal deep divisions in particular over migration.

Samuel Morgan 15/09/201616:48

Youth excluded from Bratislava Summit

We call for real, new investment in tackling the big problems that youth – and therefore the whole of society – faces. And we ask that, at this crossroads for our Union, our leaders finally champion young people, writes Johana Nyman.

Samuel Morgan 15/09/201616:45

The Bratislava summit has been eagerly anticipated across the bloc. In the week leading up to the meeting, several think tanks outlined what they expect and wish to come out of the summit, in a number of exclusive opinion pieces for EurActiv.

Samuel Morgan 15/09/201616:23

Samuel Morgan 15/09/201616:23

The UK voted to leave the European Union nearly three months ago and EurActiv has been covering the entire story the entire time. Check out how the story has unfolded so far.

Towards the post-Brexit relationship

EurActiv’s live coverage of the new UK government beginning to deal with the country’s exit from the EU unfolded like this…