Most Europeans support one Commissioner per country, poll shows

A new Eurobarometer opinion poll, released on 17
June, showed that a large majority of EU citizens want to keep
at least one Commissioner per Member State and also back the
idea of an EU Foreign Minister.

The poll, which questioned over 16,000 people across the EU
between 18 March and 30 April, also showed strong support
for a European Constitution. 63 per cent of respondents
back the idea of a European Constitution, with only 10 per
cent against.

Main highlights of the report:

  • 70 per cent of respondents say they want to keep at
    least one Commissioner per Member State and a majority
    believe this would not hamper the running of the
  • On the issue of how the Commission President should
    be selected, the most popular option was direct election
    by all EU citizens.
  • Half of EU citizens believe the current length of the
    presidency of the European Council is insufficient to
    achieve significant results and should therefore be
  • Some 47 per cent rejected giving up the right of
  • Some 64 per cent said the EU should have its own
    Foreign Minister.
  • Around 70 per cent said the EU should have its own
    seat on the UN Security Council, a rapid military
    reaction force, and common asylum and immigration
  • Some 77 per cent believe the EU's foreign policy
    should be independent of the United States' foreign
    policy, while 83 per cent expect Member States to agree a
    common position in times of international crisis.
  • Citizens prefer decisions on European defence policy
    to be taken by the EU rather than individually by
    national governments or by NATO.
  • More than two thirds of people support the principle
    of a common EU foreign policy and almost three quarters
    back a common security and defence policy.
  • Some 54 per cent of people think their country's
    membership of the EU is a good thing. Meanwhile, 50 per
    cent think their country has benefited from membership,
    compared with 29 per cent who think the opposite.
  • In the euro zone, 75 per cent of respondents favour
    the single currency, up 4 points from last autumn.
  • The majority of citizens still continue to support EU
    enlargement, although the number in favour of the process
    has declined since the last survey. 46 per cent are in
    favour of enlargement, with 35 per cent against.


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