Nordics want to go ‘northern’

A majority of the peoples of Sweden, Norway and Denmark would prefer a Nordic Union to the EU, reveals new poll.

The dream of certain eurosceptics in the Scandinavian countries
to create a Nordic Union and get rid of the EU may be a pipe dream
but a lot of people share it. That is the surprising conclusion
from a recent survey published in the Danish Daily Politiken on 24

The survey, done by Gallup, Senti-Norstat and
TEMO, indicates that 45 per cent of Swedes are happy with the EU,
whereas 49 per cent of them would prefer a Nordic Union. In Norway,
which is not an EU member state (see

) the figures are
46 per cent in favor of a Nordic Union and only 40 per cent in
favor of the EU.

In Denmark, a reticent Member State since 1973,
31 years of European collaboration seem to have tempered the Nordic
passion somewhat. But only up to a point. Thus, 47 per cent of the
Danes would prefer the EU, with 44 per cent favoring a union with
their Nordic cousins.

However, faced with a scenario in which such a
Nordic Union would be able establish a collaboration with EU on
areas such as trade and free movement, 51 per cent of the Danes
would go Nordic with only 36 of them backing the EU

Danish MEP Ole Krarup for 'The peoples movement
against the EU' comments to Politiken: »The alternative, if Denmark
or Sweden should vote against the constitution, is actually not new
opt-outs. The government may threaten that Denmark would have to
quit the EU. But that is in fact what many people would want.«

The Danish veteran eurosceptic Jens Peter Bonde
(an MEP since 1979) of the 'June-movement' is less enthusiastic
about the Nordic option: "I do not think it would stand a chance as
an alternative to European co-operation. As long as we are in the
EU, that is the one agenda."

Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Møller and his
Swedish colleague Laila Freivalds both politely reject the idea of
a Nordic Union.



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