One third of French people want European integration to stop

A new poll reveals that 65 percent of French people are not interested in the forthcoming European elections and that one third want European integration to stop.

A new poll on the French people and the European Union conducted on 13-14 January by the research institute Louis Harris reveals that 34 percent of French people are 'not very interested' and 31 percent 'not at all interested' in the European elections due to take place next June. While MEPs are desperately trying to raise awareness of the European elections, the survey indicates that turnout in France risks to be very low.

31 percent of the 1000 persons surveyed were in favour of stopping European integration. Fears about enlargement remain very important in France, with 48 percent of the people surveyed saying they were in favour of enlargement and 47 percent against.

Nevertheless, the survey reveals some expectations. Questioned about current European issues, 79 percent were in favour of a common defence policy, 67 percent in favour of a common economic policy and 64 percent in favour of adopting a European Constitution.

The survey also reveals a lack of practical knowledge about Europe. 54 percent of the persons surveyed said they never went to the United-Kingdom, and 48 percent never went to Germany.

Internet appears to be one of the main factors for cultural proximity in Europe. 54 percent of the persons surveyed consider that internet contributes to the development of the European feeling, 80 percent to bringing Europeans together culturally and 62 percent to a better knowledge of European languages.


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