Poll highlights ignorance and indifference

Latest Eurobarometer poll highlights citizen ignorance of, and indifference to, main challenges currently facing EU

A total of 78% of EU citizens feel either uninformed or very uninformed about the enlargement process. An even greater percentage feel uninvolved in the debate about the advantages and disadvantages of enlargement. Norway and Switzerland remain the two countries EU citizens would most like to join, despite the fact that both have rejected EU membership in referenda.

Only 20% of those surveyed knew the exact exchange rate between their national currencies and the euro. More encouraging was the fact that 72% knew the exact date that the common currency will be introduced.

Perhaps most worrying given the importance that both Member States leaders and the EU institutions have placed on having public involvement in the debate on the future of the EU, is their apparent indifference. According to the survey, 62% of EU citizens are not interested in taking part in the debate, whilst only 26% expressed an interest


A new opinion poll published by the EU on 2 July indicates that most citizens feel uninformed about the enlargement process and uninvolved in the debate about its positive and negative aspects. The Eurobarometer poll, conducted in March and April 2001 by EU representations in the Member States, also highlights a high degree of ignorance about the euro and huge indifference to the debate about the future of the Union.


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