Socialist MEPs vent anger at Udre and Buttiglione


The performances of the Commissioner designates
for Latvia, Ingrida Udre, and for Italy, Rocco
Buttiglione, at the EP hearings have provoked the anger of
Socialist MEPs.

As the hearings of the 25 commissioners draw to a
close, Socialist MEPs have voiced anger and strong
reservations over the performances of the Latvian
commissioner designate Ingrida Udre and the Italian Rocco

Socialist Coordinator for Economic and Monetary
Affairs Ieke van den Burg said: ” 

On many issues her answers were very
vague and evasive. When asked to be more specific she hid
behind Member States or the EU Adminstration.

She gives the impression that she
has’nt quite understood the right of initiative which
the Commission has. 


On taxation issues Ms Udre clearly
does not follow the political line of the Socialist
Group. She wants low taxes for big business. She does not
seem to grasp the importance of the taxation debate in
the EU which clearly exists.


Socialist Group vice-president Jan Marinus Wiersma
said: “We will need a lot of persuading before she
could get confirmed. “

Criticism was even harder as regards Rocco
Buttiglione, the Italian Commissioner designate for
Justice and Home Affairs. And the criticism stretches
into the Green and Liberal groups, but not to the PPE

After Buttiglione’s comments
about homosexuality being “a
sin” during the hearing, 
Jean-Louis Bourlanges, the
French liberal MEP and president of the civil liberties
committe, has proposd putting the commissoner “under
surveillance”, but no consensus to this effect has
yet emerged in the committee. 


Other voices among the
Greens, Liberals and Socialist MEPs called on Commission
President Barroso to give Buttiglione another portfolio
in the new Commission.





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