Different types of meetings of the EU Heads of Government

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Different types of meetings of the EU Heads of Government

Christine Stark’s paper, which is also a contribution to the European Convention, focuses on the ongoing process of institutional reform. The paper offers a description and analysis of the different types of meetings held regularly by the EU Heads of Government. Each type of meeting plays a different role and rests on a different legal basis, and the author notes that there are ambiguities, particularly in the question of form. However, she says the participants “do not seem to be overly concerned by the ambiguities”.

The paper identifies and elaborates on four types of meetings:

  • Type 1: European Council
  • Type 2: Council of the European Union at Superior Level
  • Type 3: Heads of Government of the Member States
  • Type 4: Heads of Government as Intergovernmental Conference

Besides describing each type of meeting, the author discusses their specific composition, their origin, as well as their legal and political basis.

In her conclusion, the author states that “The different types of meeting exist because they have different roles; i.e., it is not just a question of form. Modifying the current situation would imply fundamental changes in sovereignty.”

Please find

Christine Stark’s paper here.

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