eParticipation in the EU – Engaging Citizens in Policy Issues

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eParticipation showcases how Web-based eParticipation initiatives, such as Puzzled by Policy [www.puzzledbypolicy.eu] and OurSpace [www.joinourspace.eu], can enhance traditional participation mechanisms, by providing accessibility, transparency, and real-time interaction.

The European Year of Citizens 2013 highlights the importance of engaging citizens in all policy matters. eParticipation initiatives are also in line with the European eGovernment Action Plan (2011-15) and the Malmö Ministerial Declaration on eGovernment, which support the use of ICTs in civic life.

However it remains a difficult task to engage with citizens on policy matters, especially the younger generation, who is facing the greatest challenges in terms of employment and migration.

How can youth and policy be re-connected?

What are the main challenges of this process?

How can we engage citizens in discussions on policy through online technologies?

How applicable are the existing platforms?

An event organised with the support of OurSpace and Puzzled by Policy.

OurSpace [www.joinourspace.eu] is the first digital platform where you can express your thoughts over politics, society, economy and debate them with politicians and peers across Europe.

Puzzled by Policy [www.puzzledbypolicy.eu] helps engage citizens on policy matters, through an easy-to-use, online platform. Users can graphically compare their views on immigration with actual policies, and compare and discuss their views with other users.


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