Finnish Prime Minister calls for a ‘just and fair” EU

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Speaking at the European Parliament on Tuesday, Finnish Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen called for greater economic and political integration in Europe.

Addressing MEPs in Strasbourg, Katainen said that citizen support can only be gained through a 'just and fair' EU.

'I understand that people in different member states and in different personal situations may not find their life very just and fair right now. But can Europe be more fair in the future? I think it can. To me fair integration means that the European Union continues to be founded on common values and rules that are truly respected by all and at all times', said Finnish Prime Minister Jykri Katainen. 

Katainen emphasised that while Europe should be ready to help when needed, member states must take care of their own finances.
He also urged EU leaders to quickly complete the so-called banking union to 'safeguard' taxpayers from future financial crises.

'Those who decide about expenditure must collect the revenues. National governments and parliaments are ultimately responsible for national reforms'.
'Our immediate priority is to finalize the banking union. To me, the banking union is a good example of fair integration. It is about curbing reckless risk taking and protecting tax payers from having to rescue over-sized and under-capitalized banks', said Finnish Prime Minister Jykri Katainen.  

Finland's center-right government has so far opposed greater debt mutualisation through Eurobonds.

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