The Future of Europe: How will the debate be communicated?

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With the urgency of the financial crisis passing, attention turns to European integration. European countries (Eurozone, non-Eurozone or non-EU) are re-assessing their relationship with the EU. This will be an over-arching debate in Europe in the next 5 years.


Many actors will drive this debate. Think-tanks and academia have started to circulate ideas and scenarios. Senior EU policymakers, multi-national corporations, political parties and national politicians will all weigh in.


The ideas around ‘differentiated integration’ are currently being developed.
How many different groupings of countries will make up the future EU?
Is the concept of Eurozone & Single Market too simplistic?
How will the UK fit….if at all? What is the role for candidate countries?
How influential will non-candidate countries be?
Should we distinguish between ‘core’ and ‘periphery’?
Which prevailing terms will be adopted….multi-circle Europe, enhanced single market, economic convergence?


The terminology and definitions formed early in the debate will help drive the process. But who will be involved in the process and at what stage? How will the debate be communicated and positioned in national media?
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