Tweets of the Week: Macron, May, Germany, and Twitter

This week it’s Macron’s address, Theresa May in distress, German voters digress and Twitter’s a mess.

Welcome to another episode of Tweets of the Week. After a slow build-up, Germany went to the polls on Sunday.

Including the President of course.

And Angela Merkel was reelected. “The Leader of the Free World has earned a fourth term, a collective sigh of relief can be heard across Europe,” tweeted Eimear Kavanagh.

Don’t be so sure. There are now seven parties represented in the Bundestag for the first time since the 1950s.

Including the far right AFD.

Prompting Berlaymonster put on his serious face for once and write a limerick warning of the dangers of political apathy:
“The Bundestagswahl is so boring,
The nation is yawning and snoring,
But as the all sleep
The bigots will creep
Into power, their voter base soaring”

One week on from the State of the EU, and French President Emmanuel Macron set out his vision for Europe. Carl Bildt said it was an ambitious speech that deserves deep debate.

Stefan Leifert summarised his message saying: “A sovereign Europe should take back control.”

Henry Newman cautioned he was “in danger of confirming Brexiteers’ warnings about the real ambitions of the EU.”

Katy Lee, however, was impressed that Macron rounded off his big speech by saying he can’t imagine Britain not wanting to stay in EU after he’s done reforming it!

Jeremy Cliffe pointed to some of the more hostile reactions. “You don’t strengthen Europe with new pots of money”, claims FDP.

Simon Nixon described the speech as “Remarkable, optimistic, with creative solutions – a complete contrast to Theresa May in Florence.”

Yes, May’s Florence speech was the other big oration this week. But didn’t get quite the same rave reviews!

James Melville said she had managed to piss off both the 52% and the 48% in one speech. Which takes a certain type of anti-genius.

Columnist SheHab Kahn thought it was pretty impressive to speak for 20 minutes and say practically nothing.

MEP Alyn Smith reckons “It says it all about the UK’s image, that the statement “UK will honour commitments” is actual news.

Polly Polak thought it was like moving out telling your parents you never totally felt at home with them, but will they please pay your rent.

But David Vance wondered: “what about the 17.4m who said LEAVE?”

And in case you still didn’t get the message, Dave Keating lets a picture paint 1000 words!

And finally Twitter goes long form! Prompting outrage from users.

James Poniewozik said a 280-character limit is a terrible idea. The whole beauty of Twitter is that it forces you to express your ideas concisely. Tweet 1 of 47.

Stephen Colbert identified the real threat – in one stroke, Twitter doubles the complexity of US foreign policy.

Despite our best efforts we couldn’t identify a single Brussels-based Tweeter with the coveted extension. Not even big shots like Brussels Independent Correspondent Jon Stone.

Or Harold Tor.

Or Brusselsgeek. Ahem!

Get in touch if you are one of the chosen ones, using the hashtag #EUtweets.

This week we are supported by UNESDA. Check out their 140 character tweet highlighting how the soft drinks industry contributes to employment in Europe.

Join me again next week for more of the same plus a special look at the European Parliament Plenary. MEP Assistants, on your marks, get set, get tweeting!

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