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You are right. Electical energy for electrical cars will not come from God but from electricty power plants and most reliable are nuclear one. But to swich to electrical cars who have very small driving radius and long charging time will demand huge investment in transsmission adn distribution electrical grids.Also investment in parking places where this cars will be parked during long time charging process.

By: Marine Vanec Tue, 10 Oct 2017 22:48:08 +0000 Lousy and superficial opinion – the author jumps from one subject to another, makes unvalidated claims and talks gibberish, without going into detail and avoiding the real questions:

– What have “population growth and increasing urbanisation” to do with E-mobility?
– How does E-mobility contribute to energy efficiency or safety? How efficient is dragging around a 1000 kg battery or producing hydrogen?
– Why should we no longer debate the benefits of E-mobility and make this the “go-to” solution for consumers? How about the challenges of electrification for consumers, grid operators and energy producers?
– Should we not discuss the environmental footprint of E-mobility? What’s the point in electrification if companies like Enel produce over 50% over their electricity from conventional “dirty” fuel?
– “Emission standards must take decarbonisation and air quality into account” – Well, that’s why such standards exist, isn’t it?

The problem with electricity/gas companies is that they are venturing into a new business (mobility) they know little about.

E-mobility is much less a game changer than automation, connectivity and the rise of the sharing economy, and much less than some people want us to believe.

Newcomers need to drop the vulture attitude and stop pushing their own agenda, but rather learn to understand consumer behaviour and needs if they want to play a role in the mobility of the future.