Afghanistan conference to take place in Bonn

Bonn has been chosen as the location for the first United Nations-sponsored meeting of Afghanistan’s ethnic groups next Tuesday, 27 November. The European Union is expected to appoint a special representative to Afghanistan to co-ordinate the EU’s efforts in the rebuilding of the country. German diplomat Klaus Klaiber, former deputy secretary general of NATO, is expected to take this post.

The Bonn meeting is the first step towards establishing a multi-ethnic transitional government in Afghanistan after the removal of the Taliban regime from power in the capital Kabul.

The EU’s 15 foreign ministers, meeting in Brussels on 19-20 November, supported the UN’s efforts to set up a transitional government in Afghanistan. They pledged their support for the reconstruction of Afghanistan, but on the condition that the new Afghan leaders respect human rights and international humanitarian law. They also said the reconstruction efforts should promote the equal role of women in Afghan society.

The ministers stressed the importance of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine said the EU would not attach any conditions to humanitarian aid to Afganistan.


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