Nationalist MEP blames Soros for EU migration crisis

MEP Jean-Luc Schaffhauser [Wikimedia]

French MEP Jean-Luc Schaffhauser has blamed billionaire George Soros for having financed the “humanitarian infrastructures” that helped open Europe’s doors to uncontrolled flows of migrants, and for making money from the EU’s destabilisation.

Schaffhauser, who is member of Marine Le Pen’s National Front and from the “Europe of Nations and Freedom Group” , spoke to a small number of journalists on the publication of a report focusing on the role of EU’s neighbouring countries in the illegal migration hitting the EU.

The 234-page report, written by Alexandre de Valle, a French writer, journalist and political commentator, slams Turkey in particular for its “double game” and hidden agenda vis-à-vis the EU in the context of the migration crisis.

The migration crisis, Schaffhauser argued, is not a “natural phenomenon”, but a direct result of irresponsible behaviour by the West.

He said that the crisis was preceded by the almost simultaneous establishment of a series of pro-immigration associations, financed in particular by George Soros’ “Open Society Foundations’.

In the event of a Brexit, Soros predicts the pound could cost as little as the euro

Billionaire George Soros, who famously profited by betting against the pound in a 1992 currency crisis, warned against ‘speculative forces’ and predicted a plunge in the sterling if Britain votes to leave the European Union.

“We are faced with something we can no longer control, something that has been orchestrated behind our backs, on the one side because of the events, but on the other by putting in place the humanitarian infrastructure which dictates the way we should welcome those people, and thirdly by the collusion of organised crime with a certain number of states”, he said.

Organised crime, he continued, is making use of the migration crisis to reach political goals – destabilisation, conquest, power, blackmailing Europe, and being ready at any moment to send masses of migrants.

To have an adequate response, the first prerequisite is to better understanding reality, the MEP said. asked Schaffhauser if he was not repeating some of the arguments of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who openly dislikes Soros. Schaffhauser is known to support French-Russian rapprochement.

The MEP said that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who is affiliated to the centre right EPP political family, doesn’t like Hungary-born Soros either.

“Mr Orbán, who fought communism, who is a patriot, doesn’t like Mr Soros, because Mr. Soros is an ‘apatride’. I’m stating that a certain number of persons profit from the destabilisation to make money. The organised crime, which is not linked to Mr Soros, on the one side, has hugely profited from this refugee influx – €12 billion according to the Russian intelligence and €7-8 billion according to FRONTEX. But the destabilisation also allows to speculate on the price of oil, on the price of commodities, on the grey economy”, he said.

Mafia and finance

Schaffhauser gave as an example the Democratic Republic of Congo, where he had worked as representative of the French government in the country’s transitional government. He said he was introduced to a chief of the mafia, an Italian, who told him that crisis for them was best, because “we make the market”, referring to diamonds and gold.

“In finance, it’s the same. When there is fluctuation, when there is instability, this is heaven for the speculators. It is not by chance that the crisis has hugely profited Mr Soros and that since the 2008 [financial] crisis Mr. Soros has trebled his fortune. And this works even better if you are at the origin of the crisis. So I accuse Mr Soros of profiteering from these crises”, Schaffhauser said.

The MEP said he invited all to read the book “Circus Politicus”, by journalists Christophe Deloire and Christophe Dubois, which in his words reveals the links between the European Commission and the world of finance, as well as with secret societies.

Bilderberg gathering envisions top job for Kristalina Georgieva

Vice-President Kristalina Georgieva attended a meeting of the secretive Bilderberg group in Dresden yesterday (9 June), where, according to information obtained by, former Commission President José Manuel Barroso promoted her as the next UN Secretary-General.

Alexandre de Valle said that Soros was not alone in the destabilisation business. The Albert Einstein Institution of Gene Sharp has the same objectives, he said – to dismantle sovereign states that are not Islamist and that have links with Russia, he said.

Dr Pierre-Emmanuel Thomann, geopolitical researcher, who participated to the meeting, pointed out that organisations similar to those named received financial support from the European Commission. He mentioned the European Stability Initiative, a think tank with offices in Berlin, Istanbul and Vienna. In his terms, this organisation “opened a door to Turkey” and possibly inspired the EU-Turkey migration deal. He said that the aim of this organisation was to execute an American plan for all countries members of the Council of Europe except Russia to join the EU.

Schaffhauser said that it was a matter of fact that an organisation financed by Soros and the Commission had promoted the “Merkel plan” before she had possibly heard about it.

“Ms Merkel is only retaking a package which was already prepared. This is a fact we have ascertained”, he claimed.

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