Spanish MEP urges Commission to investigate Turkish army killings

Kurdish PKK fighters have been engaged in a renewed civil war with the Turkish government, since 2015. [Kurdishstruggle/Flickr]

A Spanish MEP has called upon the European Commission to launch an independent investigation into the killing of 60 people in the Turkish town of Cizre by the military on Sunday (7 February). EURACTIV Spain reports.

Javier Couso of the European United Left-Nordic Green Left group (GUE/NGL) has asked the executive to investigate the incident in which the Turkish army killed 60 people in the southeastern town of Cizre.

The MEP said that the meeting between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an is “definitive proof” that the EU is turning a blind eye to the Kurdish conflict and numerous human rights violations.

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Couso warned Federica Mogherini, Vice-President of the Commission and High Representative for Foreign Affairs, that refugees are being sent to a country where the state of human rights “is highly questionable”. He also complained that the Kurdish civilian population is being “systematically attacked, imprisoned and murdered” by the Turkish government.

The town of Cizre has a predominantly Kurdish population and is located near both the Syrian and Iraqi border. The territory in question was occupied last summer by the Turkish army, under the pretext of fighting back against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), after peace talks broke down.

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While Turkish state media reported initially that the people killed were PKK fighters, pro-Kurdish sources say that they were in fact civilians taking shelter in a basement from the conflict raging outside.

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