CEEP on the integration of refugees

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CEEP expresses its position on the integration of refugees before the 2016 Spring Council, where EU economic and social partners will present a joint declaration on the refugee crisis to the Heads of States and Governments.


The refugee crisis is putting into question the very fundament of Europe’s principles and values. For this reason, CEEP supports all efforts towards a pragmatic and united European solution, able to restore a fully functioning Schengen space while respecting international law principles.

What is our role in this whole process? It can be summed up in one word: INTEGRATION.

Integration in society, via the provision of essential public services such as housing, healthcare but also water provision;

And integration into the labour market: testing and screening skills and competences of incoming refugees, setting up educational courses. All these initiatives will create at the end of the day new recruitment opportunities which are vital for public services, where almost 30% of the workforce is over 50 years old.

For us, the integration of refugees is not only a way of fulfilling our public services’ mission. It is a real opportunity for enriching European labour markets.

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