EU ministers launch European Institute for Peace

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EU foreign affairs ministers launched a new institution on Monday called European Institute for Peace, an initiative that aims to contribute to the global peace agenda of Europe.

9 European countries have committed to fund the first 3 years of the Institute’s life. According to the members, recent developments in Ukraine have shown the need for Europe to do more to build peace.

‘The European Institute of Peace has the main objective to complement the global peace agenda of Europe and of the EU through operational mediation and informal dialogue with state and non state actors.’ said Executive Director of EIP Staffan De Mistura.

With a budget of 3 million euros and headquartered in Brussels, the initiative wants to establish a close partnership with the EU institutions, but remain independent.

It will serve as an operational hub, offering mediation, dialogue and conflict management expertise.

‘I want to stress that it is not an institution of the EU. It is an institution with a relationship with the EU but it also includes one country outside of it which is Switzerland that has an extensive experience in these issues,’ Swedish Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Bildt.

This European project mirrors the United States Institute of Peace, an independent body created in 1984 that carries out programmes in conflict areas.

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