Ousted Egyptian president Morsi is ‘well’, says EU’s Ashton

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EU Foreign Affairs chief Catherine Ashton told reporters on Tuesday in Cairo that deposed Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi is ‘well’ but she does not know where he is being held.

In her second visit to Egypt in 12 days, Ashton flew to an undisclosed location to meet the ousted president, where they had a 2 hour conversation. Ashton, however, refused to give details of the discussions.

‘He is well, we had a frank and open discussion for the two hours I saw him. And I saw where he was, I don’t know where he is but I saw the facility he has’.

‘I also told him in my two-hour conversation that I will not represent his views because in the circumstances he can not correct me, if I do it on the wrong way. We talked for two hours, we talks in depth. He has access to information in terms of TV and newspapers’, said EU Foreign Affairs Chief Catherine Ashton.

Ashton’s visit was the first time an outsider had access to Morsi since he was overthrown from power by the Egyptian army and jailed a month ago.
She also met the head of the Egyptian army on Monday and the leaders of all political sides.

‘We are here to help; we are not here to impose. The people of Egypt will determine their own future and those who have privilege to be in the leadership position have the responsibility to ensure that happens. But we have some experiences that can be valued. And we can perhaps help to, by having conversations with everyone to listen and perhaps offer some thoughts. That include elections, we will be very happy to observe elections in the future and to help with that process’, said EU Foreign Affairs Chief Catherine Ashton.

Amid western concerns that the Egyptian political crisis will turn into a full civil war, the EU’s mediator role has recently increased.

Earlier in September, the EU offered €700 million in financial aid to Cairo in an attempt to show its support after Egypt’s first free elections.

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