Turkish opposition: ‘The EU’s weak reaction to the failed coup disappointed all Turks’

The failed coup attempt seems to have ended political polarisation in Turkey. Europe’s weak reaction was a big disappointment for all Turks, says Kader Sevinç, the EU representative of the country’s largest opposition party, the secularist Republican Party of Turkey (CHP).

In an interview with EURACTIV’s senior editor Georgi Gotev, Sevinç also discussed the post-Brexit EU reform and the future of European democracy.

Kader Sevinç is an international relations practitioner, poet and social entrepreneur. She is currently a member of the PES Presidency  (Party of European Socialists and Democrats), founder of the Brussels-based debate club, the Turkish Coffee Briefings, “Smart Democracy & Smart Citizenship” workshops and other initiatives. She is also a member of Brussels Poetry Collective – passa porta.

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