The Presidency: Love thy neighbour

War, hunger, destitute lives. Not in distant places but on Europe’s doorstep. Fences don’t stop desperation. Europe’s response to crises close to home is a comprehensive neighbourhood plan; a plan to maximise Europe’s soft power in the short-term, to bring security and prosperity in the long-run.

Europe’s security and prosperity are interlinked with those of its neighbourhood. Countries bordering the Southern Mediterranean are facing serious challenges: armed conflict, terrorism, political instability and radicalisation.

Aware of the potential ripple effects of instability beyond Europe’s borders, the Maltese Presidency has focused EU engagement on the stabilisation of Europe’s neighbourhood. We take a closer look in ‘The Presidency’.

The Presidency is a video series by, looking at the priorities of the Council Presidency.

The Presidency is supported by the Maltese Presidency.

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