Tweets of the Week: Trump, EBS, and Manchester

Happy holiday Friday! It’s no rest for the wicked as this week we’re playing Top Trump Tweets!

Thousands of people took to the streets to express their opinion about The Donald… and lit up social media with the hashtag: Trump not welcome.

Trump lookalikes, however, seemed to do OK.

The other Donald, President of the European Council Donald Tusk, told Trump he should put principles and values ahead of interests, in what appeared to be a tense meeting.

And let’s not forget Tusk tweeted last year that one Donald was more than enough!

And, of course, Craig Winneker‏ and others hadn’t forgotten that Trump famously described Brussels as a hellhole!

New French President Emmanuel Macron was also in town and got to grips with the POTUS, with a vice-like handshake.

But Danny Kemp revealed what we were all wondering: Would Juncker lean in for a kiss? Spoiler alert! He didn’t.

The European Business Summit also generated interest in the Bubble last week.

Nick Chrysoloras reported that German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble is getting fed up with discussing Greece.

Dervla Gleeson spotted this sign and drew the comedy conclusion that Europe is no longer imploding!

But many people, including Ryan Heath – doyenne of the EU Twitterati – reported that there was a “serious gender problem” at the “Mansplaining” conference. Better luck next year EBS!

And finally, the rest of the world stood with #Manchester following the horrific attack on a pop concert that left dozens dead or injured.

Messages of condolence from EU and world leaders flooded social media and flags across Brussels were flown at half-mast.

And for once Brexit didn’t seem to matter quite as much as chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier also expressed his solidarity.

This week’s round-up is supported by EURELECTRIC. Join them in Estoril on 19-20 of June for their annual summit.

And join me again next week for more snarks and larks using the hashtag #EUtweets!

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