Are you ready to play Digital Health Golf?

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With the publication of the European Commission’s Communication on Digital Health in April, the course for digital health has been set – now it’s time to play Digital Health Golf!

This is a game created by FTI Consulting Brussels for patients, researchers, healthcare professionals, industry and policymakers, who all must overcome three primary challenges for digital health: the sandtrap of interoperability, the waters of privacy and the woodlands of reimbursement and regulation.

Fortunately, the players have a set of tools to get them through the course. These include the driver of GDPR, which can get them across the waters of privacy, the iron of ESF+, which will allow them to punch their way out of the woodlands of reimbursement, and the wedge of standards that can get them out of the sandtrap of interoperability.

Are you ready to play Digital Health Golf?

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